Zuogong county is under the jurisdiction of qamdo city, Tibet autonomous region, located in the southeast of the Tibet autonomous region, the southeast of qamdo city.

“ZuoGong” in Tibetan “author sumarizes (tillage) cow back” mean. Zougong county is located in the southeast of Tibet mountain valley area, the terrain north high south low.

The main mountains in zuogong county include dongda mountain, dola mountain, chawazhu mountain, chawwa jizhiga mountain, and meili snow mountain on the border with yunnan.

The highest peak, caola peak, 5434 meters above sea level; The lowest elevation is 2,650 meters; The county’s average altitude of 3750 meters; County resident altitude 3780 meters.

Nu river, lancang river and yuqu river run down from north to south in the shape of “sichuan”, forming three different valley landforms

Become aware of bashan

Jueba mountain is not high, and the elevation of pass is only 3,940 meters. However, due to thousands of years of continuous erosion of the lancang river, the mountain wall is very vertical and steep, desolate and hard, giving people the feeling of high mountain and deep valley.

This is one of the famous dangerous sections in hengduan mountain area

The relative height difference of nearly 2,000 meters makes jueba mountain the most difficult and time-consuming mountain to climb on the sichuan-tibet road. The road stretches on the cliff. Some sections have neither guardrail nor signpost.

Although the sichuan-tibet line is known as the natural insurance, but the most dangerous place is actually only a few places, such as the row dragon natural insurance, tongmai natural insurance and nu river natural insurance, haitong ditch, (the row dragon natural insurance and tongmai natural insurance has built Bridges and tunnels, has not been dangerous).

Compared with these famous natural hazards, jueba mountain is really not well known. Only those who have been there know that this unknown natural hazard is as daunting as other famous natural hazards.

The first high pass on the south line of sichuan and Tibet (controversial)

Located in zuogong county, Tibet, the mountain pass is 5130 meters above sea level (the original record was 5008 meters above sea level). The grass is green in summer and the yak herds are very beautiful. The longest and most lingering section of the sichuan-tibet line.

PS: battle of the first mountain pass on the south line of sichuan and Tibet: the dongda mountain was 5130 meters (the original recorded altitude was 5008 meters); Mt. Mira is 5,013 meters. The conclusion is not clear. Just kidding, maybe the mountain grows taller on its own.