Pieces of transportation

There is beauty all year round, but the best season is after July. From lanzhou, there is a bus to dibu county. When you get to dibu, take a taxi and go to zhagara.

The road to zhagara is a dirt road, although recently under repair, but still quite bumpy, pay attention to prepare necessary supplies such as motion sickness medicine.

 suitable season

Beautiful scenery throughout the year. Although the peak season is usually in July – September, but in fact, the spring, autumn and winter have no less than the peak season scenery.

 custom taboos

Tibetan areas, avoid eating horse meat, dog meat and fish. No talking loudly or touching the Buddha statues or taking photos or videos in the temple. When turning through to go in the clockwise direction, some old people will have around the red silk sheep, do not tease those sheep!

Pieces of luggage

The mountain plateau at zagat enjoys lower temperatures than other areas. Take thick autumn clothes with you in summer to avoid catching cold. If you want to climb a mountain, take good medicine and pay attention to altitude sickness.