Many people know that it is at the foot of sparrow hill

There is a sacred lake beside the northern sichuan – Tibet highway

The Tibetan name is yulonglacuo

She also has another name, xinluhai

This is a glacial lake at an altitude of 4,000 meters

A clear lake under a snowy mountain in a clear sky

Primitive and quiet, not many visitors here, but the scenery is very beautiful

When the thru ‘er hill tunnel was not broken through before

Fanqueerer mountain is every back and forth ganzi and dege

Unforgettable memories of old drivers

It was not a difficult journey over the mountain in more than five hours

The tunnel will take about an hour to cross

It’s also for people who are traveling

There is plenty of time left for yulonglacuo

At the beginning of the New Year

Aike sichuan Tibetan caravan arrived at yulonglacuo

We’re the only ones here

The team members enjoy xinluhai freely here

It has become a frozen lake

But the jade dragon rasuo dressed up as “extremely cold”

Under a clear sky

The snowy mountains in the distance have merged into yulonglacuo

Showing another “scene of winter and spring meeting”

The players were also impressed by the scenery

About yulonglacuo, she also has a beautiful legend

It is said that king gesar passed through yulonglacuo when he had been through many wars

The lake and water here attracted his beloved princess pearl

Zhum chi lake, a long time refused to leave

Then pearl was taken by the king of holl

One day, zhum left yulonglacuo alone

He looked again, but did not see gesar

She said kindly to the lake

Yulong, yulong, means wherever she goes

Her heart stayed here, waiting for gesar

The silent ripples on the lake became a sad blue color

With a sad look

Bead’s tears of remembrance flowed into the lake

Then the clear water changes color

This is now the source of yulonglacuo lake’s name

And the color of the lake changes several times a year a beautiful legend

If you are walking at 317, you may also visit yulonglacuo. Whether it can also send its unique beauty.