There are places in the world, even if you’ve been to them many times, that still amaze you, as in Yuanyang Terrace during the drought.

Although all the strategies tell us that Yuanyang Terrace in yunnan is best shot from December to late march, the most beautiful is from January to February.

The silver waves of the terraced fields reflect the white clouds and blue sky, and the trees and mountains look like pieces of exquisite stained glass. At this time, there is a greater chance of seeing the sea of clouds and rosy clouds.

At this time, the terraced fields are full of photographers who set up a tripod to watch the sunrise and sunset silently. They look so attentive that they are afraid of missing a beautiful moment.

“Your one eye, is the hani 1300.”

Yuanyang Terrace is a 1300-year-old masterpiece of hani people who, with ancient wisdom, have built thousands of vertical terraces across this barren land, inadvertently creating stunning landscapes around the world.

All of you who have seen Yuanyang Terrace, describe it more or less differently, sky and cloud and water, changing in myriad hues over the course of a day.

Standing in the tianlong, bow is a clear water, the rise is blue sky, cloud and mist wreathing, deep jungle, as if to the dimly seen fairyland, but also through the trace of human fireworks gas.

In the early morning, the mist spreads over the terraces, and the houses and woods beyond seem like a fairyland with an indescribable ethereal charm.

As the fog dissipates and the sun begins to shine on the horizon, the terraces turn from dark to dazzling, with gentle lines that outline the most dazzling moments of the morning.

The sunrise of much depend on a tree is the most beautiful, it is to be in commonly 7:00 am or so, cannot see sunrise even, its early morning, also be the United States arrives extremely a dynamic landscape painting.

When the sun rises, with the change of the light, the terraced fields look like very colorful fragments, making people wish to put them together to construct a complete picture of light and shadow.

When the sun sets, it is the most beautiful moment of the terrace’s day.

Sky tongyun wan zhang, xiagang shine, water yingying, brilliant, from gold to red, terraced as if all the best, to the last brilliant, left to the world.

Baada and tiger mouth are the best places to watch the sunset. Baada scenic area is often shrouded in mist and clouds, and you can see the most beautiful scenery of the sea of clouds.

In addition to the stunning Yuanyang Terrace, hani’s unadorned mushroom house is also a feature of the city.

Still have China’s longest flowing water banquet — long street banquet, in hani nation’s grandest festival “iama tu jie” period, each meeting places wine to celebrate in the street, a hundred or so tables are arranged together, just like a long dragon, very lively.

Yuanyang Terrace, at this time of year, is at its most beautiful, but the editor urges you not to go because it will be so beautiful that you don’t want to come back!