1. There is no need to worry about food and lodging on the mature admission line

On the road to Tibet, there are always some people worried about the food and accommodation, but in fact, these are old history, the current line into Tibet far more mature than you think!

The 318 and 317 sichuan-tibet lines and the 214 old yunnan-tibet lines recommended by us before have developed quite well in all aspects. There is no need to worry about missing a certain place of accommodation, so there will be nothing to eat and no place to sleep.

The development of The Times, the road in the extension, the distance between the two places in the narrowing. Before, we had to live in the county, so we had to travel as fast as we could on that day to reach the only place to stay, which was very hard. But now whether it is a small town, or the country, there are accommodation points, so the route is much easier, just according to their own time and needs.

2. For immature crossing routes, make preparations in advance

You have to be prepared to take the crossing route, or the chances of sleeping in the wild will increase dramatically!

For example, the prachanda crossing line. At that time, we set out from tsaju, on the way from time to time encountered some very bad road conditions, even landslides.

If you don’t do your homework and know the route, you won’t know where to turn around. If you don’t, you may have to spend the night on the bus. At this point, if we don’t have the necessities for camping, we are very passive.

In my experience, I can ask for help from the nearby road class (the headmaster explained that road class refers to the workers who are in charge of road and railway maintenance and have special road class rooms for them to live in), for example, some hot water and supplies to stay through the night.

Drive through if encountered camping, it is not recommended to burn oil on the car overnight heating. Heating increases fuel consumption, which can be a problem when vehicles run out of fuel at unknown supply points along the way. If in no man’s land, call every day should not call the ground is not effective, but very deadly.

Of course, a night on the bus is usually only necessary if you need to cross a full route. But these contingencies need to be thought out in advance as we prepare to cross a similar route.

Take the famous great northern line, for example, all the way desolate. Before I leave, I fill up my gas tank, bring enough food and water, and book a room in advance when my cell phone gets a signal.

3. Self-driving troops are not recommended to cross the line

The great northern line is not suitable for large troops to travel together, because it has less accommodation, up to ten rooms, can receive a limited number of people, and there are men and women driving, sometimes it is difficult to allocate.

We once set off in two cars, crossed the big north line as fast as we could, arrived at the inn at 7:30 and managed to stay in the last four rooms.

The hikers who arrived behind us had no room to stay in and had to find their own way. It was 4999 meters above sea level, and the temperature that night was minus 20 degrees. Because the temperature in the middle of the night is too low, some people who plan to spend the night in the car, really can not stand the cold, can only go down the night.

This kind of behavior is quite dangerous. At that time, the so-called roads on the great northern line were all crushed by the cars themselves.

The rest of the wiser, just nest together in the inn restaurant, although not a good night’s sleep, but at least can escape the cold ah.

The great northern line is really cold, not only the temperature is low, but also the wind is strong and cold. Go out to go to the bathroom, all feel a person can be blown away, face and body are stiff, so the best night can not go out of the room, do not go out.

[solemn reminder]

If you’re not ready to cross, don’t try. The route must be known by heart. A leader must have a sense of direction. At this time, do not expect the map, there is no signal, a blank.

What do you eat along the way

Many people may think that when they go to Tibet, they can only eat Tibetan food along the way, but what happens in practice?

Whether it is sichuan-tibetan line, yunnan-tibetan line and xinzang line, all the way is actually sichuan cuisine. So go to Tibet, have a meal to have two big tricks: the first want to be able to eat meat, the second can eat spicy!