Say travel can be addicted to, you infect addiction to others, and oneself also do not want to quit at all, time is long do not run away, can have the following symptom, see you in a few?

Don’t want to work

Do you feel exhausted in your cubicle? Low productivity? Facing the computer, always think of the distance.

A lot of things are not interesting

I feel powerless to do anything. Everything in my life seems terrible. I haven’t been happy for a long time.

Easily angry and quarrelsome

The anger in the heart is easy to ignite, irritable sensitive, even hysterical, calm and will feel regret.

Lack of presence

Inexplicable unease in the heart, want to prove themselves, want to be recognized, but just the opposite.

Spending more time alone

Just want to stay alone, hate noisy and noisy, do not want to make new friends, want to close up.

Procrastination is common

Make a good plan, but often put off to complete or even cancel the plan, often do not complete what you want to do.

I don’t know what to do

It seems that people all over the world are very busy, only one person to do nothing.

I want to spend all my money

One day, you may want to spend all your money on a treat, but you may not be able to do so.

I want to shout

Want to shout at the mountain or the field, all the negative feelings repressed in the heart, all pour out.

I want to get drunk

I really want to know what I look like when I get drunk, and who I will call when I get drunk.

Get used to recalling the past

Slowly become sentimental, become flooded with tears, become rain or shine uncertain, all because of memories.

I want to jump from the sky

Want to try bungee jumping, skydiving, gliding, even if the heart is still a little timid, but want to experience that kind of, high fall, no rely on the feeling.

Fear of terminal illness

Always love random think, think oneself can suffer from some kind of terminal disease, leave suddenly, fancy oneself after getting sick want how to live.

Want to hug someone and kiss them

Inexplicable fantasy of an ideal lover, and each other affectionate embrace, affectionate kiss, always feel their inner love no place to put.

Hope the world will end

Want the end of the world to come and disappear with it, and maybe be proud of being the last humans on earth.

I want to go out for a walk

No destination, perhaps at the station to buy a ticket, start a journey alone.

No matter how many, I hope you can arrange a trip for yourself, jump out of the existing fixed circle, see beautiful scenery, taste delicious food, make friends, change state, change mood, will have a different harvest.