July and August are the peak months of self-driving travel in Tibet, which is not the best season, because it is the rainy season in Tibet. Due to the special geographical environment of the plateau area, the mud-rock flow geological disaster is at its peak at this time, we must be careful.

It is the dry season in Tibet from late September to the end of October every year.

Watch the sign

Debris flow prone places will have a reminder, you should pay attention to observe, through such an area to avoid staying.

About vehicle selection

Many people will say suvs, in fact, cars are ok, there is no safety awareness, driving any car is dangerous, you want to know, the biggest danger is not the road, is not a car, but the driver, usually drive some random operation, here the consequences will be magnified, please consciously do safe driving and civilized driving

For example, strictly observe the bottom line, do not cross the line to overtake at the yellow solid line

Everyone in the car was strapped in

Control the speed

There will be strict speed limits on some dangerous roads

At the same time, there are interval speed measuring equipment, just follow it, it is for the safety of the whole car

Self-drive road will experience a variety of mountains and mountains, the usual mountain road driving experience here is no problem, but there is a point to pay attention to, naturally aspirated engine, after the altitude of more than 4500 meters, the power drop is obvious, at this time do not panic, switch manual mode to lower the gear or hanging L gear, throttle can maintain the power.

Don’t honk your horn. Young yaks like this are ok. If you provoke an adult yak, it will upset the roof of your car.

Observation platforms and parking areas will be built in places suitable for appreciating the scenery and taking photos. Do not park on the road at will.

Wading is also possible. Remember to stop and observe the water condition first, then pass at a uniform speed in the low position.

Finally, drivers are reminded to pay attention. The scenery on the road is for passengers to enjoy, and you should pay attention to the road conditions to ensure that people and cars are safe.