Xinjiang has a vast territory and abundant resources

There is an endless prairie

There are deserts and gobi

Will snow mountain, grassland, gobi, canyon, beauty, food, ranch, cabin and other perfect combination

Go there to have “king of water” — kanas lake

Go to the “medieval castle” — ulrich devil city

To the mountain charming god’s private plot – hemu village

The last tear to the Atlantic — lake selimu

Go to that geomorphologic feature particularly special multicolored riverbank – multicolored beach

Go to the unique landscape of “desert with sand mountains” — kumtag desert

Go there means “rich spring” — bayanbrook

Go to that meaning “blue river bend” — cocoa toto sea

Go that piece of romantic purple, be known as “town of Chinese lavender” — huo cheng lavender

It’s called the “air prairie” — the narati prairie

Go to the mountain lake as the center of the ancient name “yao chi” – tianshan tianchi

Go to the meadow hill like a woman’s human body curve, gentle and spectacular human grassland – kara jun grassland

Go to baihaba village, one of the eight most beautiful towns in China

Go to the medieval preservation of the largest wild apricot forest – yili apricot flower ditch

Go to the “ten most beautiful canyons in China” — kuqa tianshan grand canyon

To the world’s largest area, the most densely distributed, the best survival of the “tertiary fossils” – huentai poplar forest

To the bosten lake, a pearl of the desert ocean

Go to the hottest place in China, tang people with its heat was once known as “volcano” – huoyanshan

Go to white sand lake, a small desert lake surrounded by sand dunes

Go to the old city of kashgar, the only labyrinthine urban district in China that features islamic culture

Go to that also known as the red mountain grand canyon, source tianshan mountains – anji sea grand canyon

The natural gateway to yili area is known as “the first scene of yili” and “the most wonderful fairyland” — fruit gully

Go to the robu village, one of the largest villages in western China

Go to the largest desert in China, the tenth largest desert in the world, the second largest mobile desert in the world — taklamakan desert

Go to the “window of xinjiang”, “window of central Asia” and “window of the world” — xinjiang international bazaar

There are many more beautiful places in xinjiang

It’s up to you to discover and find your feelings