Yili is a breathtaking mountain road with numerous 360° turns, and a scenic landscape avenue, with white clouds at your fingertips, snowy mountains, forests, grasslands and streams, all of which are scenic from any Angle. It’s Yizhao road.

Yizhao road (chabchal road section) is a typical seasonal road, the whole distance is 120 kilometers, is located in the mountainous area more than 40 kilometers section, there are more than 100 curves, and are sharp and steep curves.

Such conditions have meant that the road has been inaccessible all winter, even when open to traffic, and is subject to immediate regulation if bad weather is detected. Only mid-june to October is available throughout the year. The beauty is ready for you

Road Yizhao road enthusiasts want to drive.You can start now!

Warm prompt

Driving in heavy fog in the mountains

Heavy fog weather driving should be timely open the anti fog lamps and low beam lights, reduce the speed, the principle of strictly abide by the traffic on the right, keep sufficient safety distance between vehicles, especially when turning on, should be carefully observed the situation, timely horns, to attract the attention of pedestrians and vehicles, ready to give way to stop, in order to avoid collision and scratched, heavy fog visibility is very low, should be timely pull over safety parking choice, and open the small lights, tail lights, or width modulation, after waiting for fog spread again.

Rainy days drive

Heavy rain weather mountain road Louis geological disasters such as collapse, landslide and debris flow, in the process of driving carefully observation, do not stop in a suspicious location, if meet the front road suddenly collapsed, should stop immediately, but after the collision avoidance, if there are any debris fell on the bus or car, don’t stop check, should speed up a little way, choose safety parking processing, meet landslides serious, short time cannot be ruled out, weave should be back in time, find a safe ground parking waiting, do not force through.


Meeting the car, the right side is the mountain can be close to the right, give each other a more safe space, the right side is a mountain stream, do not matter on the right, but on the right side of his vehicle set aside enough safe space, if the width of the road does not allow two cars through at the same time, and the other side and no comity consciousness, can let the other side first.

Mountain road traffic

When driving along the mountain road, we should pay attention to the road surface on the side of the mountain, and try to choose the middle of the road or the side of the mountain to drive carefully.

Winding cars in mountainous areas

Mountain road curve more, in the continuous curve driving, should slow down the speed, pay attention to the driving distance, the road road distance should be larger than the general level of the road, the distance between the two cars should not be less than 30 meters, the vehicle in close to the corner to honk the horn, to inform the other side may come to the car or pedestrians on the right side of the road.

Avoid ramp parking

When driving in the mountain road, should avoid parking on the ramp, have to park on the ramp, should choose slope slower, good line of sight section, when parking must pull the car brake, had better use stone pad behind the wheel, and on the right side of the roadside distant placement of car warning triangle.


When driving downhill, to strictly control the speed, in the use of the engine and low speed gear drag action control speed at the same time, reasonable use of the brake to stabilize the speed, prohibit flout, neutral or step down the clutch pedal glide.


Hill road, the car ahead in medium and low gear, steady speed, when the power is insufficient, should shift down quickly, in case drag files flameout, such as miss shift time, went to shift down, if there are any change without into gear or engine, vehicle parking brake and parking brake force should be used to prevent the vehicle after slip, and then start again.

Overtaking on mountain roads

When overtaking on a mountain road, a wide uphill section of the road should be chosen to overtake, and vehicles should not overtake on a steep slope.