Often said that the improvement, many people’s eyes always reveal a yearning, as if the red has a kind of magic, attract people to have a look no matter how.

The shocking beauty of seda indeed makes everyone who meets it fall in love with it and regard it as the heaven of faith in their hearts. However, in baiyu county of daganzi, surrounded by mountains, there is also a place as famous as seda buddhist college.

It is called Yaqing Temple and it is the most beautiful Temple in baiyu county.

Unlike seda, the monks’ houses are built along the river, which crisscrosses the entire temple complex.

The small box houses built by practitioners themselves, ranging from thousands to more than 20,000, are paved in a touching red color, showing the power of faith to the people who come and go.

Every morning or evening, smoke filled the air, the river glistened with gold, and the sound of chanting came from far away in the wind.

There is a kind of blue, called yacheng blue, located in the white jade yacheng, has a blue sky comparable to daocheng

In the clear day, big big white clouds like good cotton, floating in the blue sky

Glittering temples on the ground

It’s like in a painting

It will be dark before dark

Yachin was enveloped in a deep blue

Inside the box monk room

The warm lights came on little by little

It showed a path that went around

As if to guide people in the direction

There is a kind of green, called sub-turquoise

Although yachin is higher in altitude

But it was not desolate

Every spring, summer,

The grass is green here

There will also be wild flowers dotted with them

The whole mountain is covered with forest green

It was full of life

And every time it happens

Red houses, golden pagodas and monks at sunrise

Is the most beautiful picture between heaven and earth

There is a kind of red, called ya qing’s zen room

Dress in red to cultivate the Buddha’s heart

Red walls once separated from the world of mortals

Yachin has more difficult conditions than serdar

Red houses shaped like boxes

It is the place of their penance

For the common faith

They built tens of thousands of houses here

Buddhist temples and statues were built

Stick to your faith

There is a kind of orange, called yaqing glow

When the first wisp of dawn is shed

A new day begins

From near to far, the multicolored light enveloped the monastery

Everything became magnificent

If lucky to be able to see the sun and the moon with the scene

It was unforgettable

Every morning at sunrise

The Yaqing Temple lamas, the jaum, would walk to the mountains in the morning light

Start a day of meditation — turn the mountain

They are firm in their walk

The heart of Buddha made them walk from sunrise to sunset

Turn mountains to life

There is a kind of white, called snow fall yaqing

Some people like the bright spring and summer

Some people like the distant sky in autumn

Others like the snow in winter

There is a kind of beauty, called yachin sky

Into the night

Silence reigned around yachin

Only the stars were blinking

Want to calm down to think about life

This is the perfect time

On the hillside surrounding the monastery

Sit somewhere with a wide view

Underfoot was the room with its warm yellow lights

The Milky Way is shining above

Cold and warm

As if she were not here

There is a religion, the monks of Yaqing Temple

Yaqing Temple is bigger than serdar

More practitioners

At least 20,000 monks live there every year

The magenta robed monks came and went

Everyone had peace and quiet written on their faces

Every single individual looks so lonely

But inside he was extraordinarily rich

Every monk who can stay here and practice

All have beautiful souls to admire

With countless pious souls

Yaqing Temple

Never look back

No religious choice

Just for faith