It is a Scenic Spot of Daocheng Yading that many people are longing for, and it is known as “the last pure land on the water blue planet”.

No matter the magnificent and sacred snow mountain, or the vast meadow, or the colorful forest and blue transparent sea, almost all the most beautiful snow plateau gathered here, all of these let people linger.

But also because of this beauty, in recent years, more and more people flocked here, breaking the once peaceful here…

But there is another place that is no less Scenic Spot of Daocheng Yading and even more primitive, also in sichuan province, Xinlong county.

Compared with daocheng, Xinlong is too low-key. Although its name is not as dreamy as daocheng, its scenery is always fascinating.

Kawaluori snow mountain

With an altitude of 5,992 meters, the mountain is covered with snow all year round. The ice Kawaluori scenic spot is located in da-gai township, 90 kilometers from Xinlong county. It is a good place for sightseeing and exploration.

Glacier crystal, angular peak undulating, magnificent, majestic.

And Kawaluori pass, known as “ziyong qiongge”, means “the gate of wealth”. It is said that after worship this mountain, will be prosperous, happy.

At the foot of Kawaluor snow mountain, there are also small herdsmen living in primitive simplicity. Here, you can see not only the steep solitary peak, but also numerous peak clusters, stone columns and so on, which add a mysterious color to the original primitive dwellings.

Yalong river grand canyon

The rocky Yalong river grand canyon is like entering an ancient tunnel, which is said to be the entrance to the belly button of the earth.

Both sides of the canyon covered with strange grass and trees, there are fine texture of scale spruce, scale fir, western sichuan spruce, yellow fruit fir, pine, oak and so on.

In the river, boulders block, spray, shoal, a thousand appearance of stone scenery, peak scenery, the formation of the bottom is not deep as narrow as a knife slit cliff ravine landform, daunting.

There are also known as Xinlong the first major pass “north gate,” said the stone gate.

There is the tendency of “one man is the key, one man is the key”. The road is 6 meters wide, winding and winding, and extremely steep.

Standing here to see the river rapids lapping rocks, aroused by the spray layer by layer of the heart.

Yinduo danxia hongshan

Danxia landform is a masterpiece created by nature for hundreds of millions of years. But there is such a precious land in Xinlong county.

Yinduo danxia landform, located in XinlongYinduo township, is a magnificent combination of mountains, rivers, meadows and forests.

It is also a great place for adventure and sightseeing. The red color stretches for more than 30 kilometers.

Cuoka lake

People who have come to Cuoka lake say that it is “the world of yao pool, nine days of fairyland”. In September, the plateau has long been thick autumn, everywhere is a bright yellow autumn scenery, layers of dye, is very beautiful.

Cuoka lake is not very big, but its jasper water is crystal clear.

Kaleidoscope like collecting the blue sky, white clouds, green trees, green mountains, red temple figure, as if the whole world has been her embrace into the arms, after some processing, and more charming attitude released, refreshing.

The lake was green, reflecting the lush woods, backed by the dark green mountains, lying quietly on a flat ground like a mountain basin, shimmering in the sun.

Here, you only need to measure every inch of the ground with your feet, because with every step you take, the landscape will change, but no matter how it changes, it will make you happy.

If you’re tired, come to Cuoka lake and take a walk.


Larima is surrounded by mountains on three sides, where the water and grass are abundant and the sacred mountains stand. Larima grassland is a vast natural pasture.

Larima grassland with flocks of cattle and sheep has beautiful scenery. The endless grassland is full of various kinds of wild flowers.

Under the blue sky and white clouds, the wide grassland, colorful colorful forests and the winding and clear laqu river, Larima can also see the shape of the snow mountain.

China’s only stone stone hidden in the village here, the ancient residents and this “secluded” xanadu scenery is particularly suitable, if you can come here to see the world fireworks.

The prosperity of the city, the hustle and bustle of the city, all the intrigue of the city will be separated out, here is the place where people can precipitate.

Come to Xinlong, the main peak of zha sacred mountain is like a knife axe, precipitous and majestic, straight into the sky, under the dense forest, all kinds of wild animals jumping in the forest, the surrounding mountains stand tall and beautiful, charming scenery.

Come to Xinlong, where there is a wonder in the history of Bridges and Bridges. Known as “the first kangba bridge”, the pogri bridge spans the yalong river with magnificent momentum.

Come to Xinlong, there are also earlier autumn than other places, the name of colorful forest is not called for nothing, an autumn wind let Xinlong become a fairy tale world.

Come to Xinlong, where there are endless mountains, green forests, vast grasslands, crystal clear haizi, as well as extraordinary danxia, mysterious strange canyon, as long as you want to here have!

Come to this little known paradise and have a good talk with time.