Xinduqiao is a highlight on the Sichuan-Tibet line

Some people say that the beauty of Xinduqiao needs to be tasted slowly.

A paradise known as a photographer is by no means a false statement.

Xinduqiao is located at the north-south fork of the Sichuan-Tibet line

Is a picturesque paradise

Can also overlook the king of the mountain – Gongga Mountain

Maybe some people will feel disappointed in Xinduqiao.

Although there is no prominent iconic landscape

But there are more than 10 kilometers along the line called the “photographer corridor”

And some people feel that it is worthwhile.

Everyone may be the same

Different is just a state of mind

Along the south line of the Sichuan-Tibet Highway

I saw a typical Tibetan village.

Falling in the mountains and waters scattered on both sides of the road

A shallow river runs alongside the road.

The Tibetan dwellings in Xinduqiao are very characteristic.

There are very spacious white wall yards and lacquered doors

Most of the houses are built of stone.

Living in the morning sun, the lighting is excellent

Occasionally visible magpie

Fly in front of the house, on the stream, on the grass, jump