Xinduqiao, still like the beauty of your golden autumn! It is another charm in winter!

The beautiful scenery of the silver-clad, the horses that are not afraid of the cold are looking for food. The mountains in the distance are covered with clouds, and there is a more beautiful beauty. Is this the Xinduqiao in our impression?

In the winter of Xinduqiao, even if the leaves are bald and covered with a thin layer of white snow, the blue sky and the magical light are still the most beautiful photography paradise!

There is a layer of white snow on the ground, a patchwork of Tibetan houses, and a magical blue sky, which is a beautiful mosaic!

Xinduqiao is suitable for the “small bridges and flowing waters”. However, the meandering rivers slide past the Tibetan houses, and the rivers in the winter form a crystal clear thin ice, which is like a masterpiece.

In winter, Xinduqiao has no golden autumn, but has more charm. It is a photography paradise in winter and an important station on the 318 line of Sichuan-Tibet line!