Recently, there is a very popular joke on the Internet: lijiang for romance, Dali for love, xizang for healing. For the first two sentences, strategic counselor jun did not have that experience, will not publish ideas, but for the last sentence, I still relatively agree!

Although the guide does not want to impose too many labels on Tibet, I have to say, Tibet is really suitable for healing! Whether it’s someone else or someone else who’s having a bad day, you’ll hear the exhortation, “go for a walk.

Tibet has majestic mountains, majestic lakes, more mysterious atmosphere of religious belief and colorful folk art, so many new things, let you temporarily put down the heart of the unpleasant, enjoy the journey!

If you encounter something painful in your life, I think it is necessary for you to go out for a walk. Instead of wandering aimlessly in the urban forest, it is better to look far away and see the great Tibetan area in the western part of the country.

Strategy gentleman forgot from where ever saw such a sentence: alone to Tibet tourism, no more than three conditions – lovelorn, frustrated and unemployed. Although there is no shortage of tourists who just come out to travel, this is not completely unreasonable. In reality, many people who are mentally and emotionally injured often choose Tibet as their healing place. The reason why Tibet is so popular with so many people is that it has its own advantages.

Some people ask, how does Tibet heal people? I think whenever you are about to see or encounter anything here, you have to go through the high bar first. Battered by pain and breathing disorders gradually let many people began to regret his choice, but very few people among dizziness can put extra mind body is experiencing pain, this is this is the first step in Tibet began to heal you, forget the pain of the past, quietly enjoying the fresh of torture at the moment!

Once you get past your physical adjustment, Tibet begins the second step of healing — meeting people and things you’ve never met before, and experiencing wind and scenery you’ve never seen before.

Have you heard of the southern route of sichuan and Tibet? The Chinese landscape avenue, the dream of self-driving enthusiasts, and the first step of the journey to Tibet… The southern route of sichuan and Tibet, which has been praised by so many people, is not for nothing. Just think, if you choose this road to enter Tibet, the scenery you see and the people you meet along the way will be much more wonderful than when you stay in a familiar environment! These things are strange and exciting, a higher than a mountain, high to cover the sun; Water than a place far, far to see the end; Even the road in front of me became so long, bent and bumpy that I felt as if I were being put into a small moving box and slowly moving towards Tibet.

Look at the scenery in summer and autumn, and hurry on in winter and spring. This southern line of sichuan and Tibet not only has unforgettable scenery, but also carries the story of every person who passes through it. If you come, your story will follow.

What do you see when you go to Tibet? Detailed words, say three days three nights can not finish. Everyone knows that there are mountain water, strong ethnic characteristics, but how high nyenchen tanglha, wood cuo how blue waters of the lake, yangzhuoyong lake is beautiful like a dream, unreal, rinpoche’s revolving around mountains believers is still in an endless stream, barkhor sweet tea very good drink, audiences to visit jokhang temple, potala palace, how spectacular? To these, the unconcerned do not know, the long absence of people do not know, only to come here to know. When you start to visit the mountains and rivers, these beautiful scenes will turn into memories, quietly preserved in your mind, become a new memory. They take up storage space in your mind, allowing you to let go of previous unhappiness. Even if you no matter how bitter hatred deep, your hard heart will certainly play Tibet in a moment soft down

In xizang, you have seen, walked and experienced the scenery you want to see. When you set foot on the return journey, you will recall the original appearance when you came. You may be enlightened about your previous difficulties and be able to get rid of all kinds of experiences that happened to you. If you’re not so lucky, you’ll still feel bad about what happened in the past, but you’ll be a lot more cheerful than you were at the beginning. When you are full of emotion, Tibet has completed the final step of healing you — harvest and feeling, optimistic and positive to find yourself!