Everyone has a “paradise” in their heart, where there is no city noise, no earthly disturbance. It is the fairyland that falls in the world, it is a happy land that relaxes body and mind. For it, people always can not give up the yearning.

Today, I will take you to see the wonderland left in guizhou, each of which is so beautiful!

It is said that walking in the mountains and rivers of libo, you can see mountains comparable to zhangjiajie and water comparable to jiuzhaigou everywhere. Although the praise is numerous, but still beautiful low-key and secret.

As the first world natural heritage site in guizhou province, libo is known as “the emerald on the belt of the earth”, and its unrepeatable beauty makes people impressed.

Small seven hole exquisite beauty, enjoy the reputation of super bonsai. The mountains here are lush and lush, and the water here is unpredictable. No matter it is smart and beautiful or magnificent, it is full of the most unique customs of karst in southern China.

Big seven hole magic magnificent, strange gorge, cliff, blossoming bell milk, layer upon layer emerald green, blue green water, let a person feel like in a colorful oil painting.

In the face of such a beautiful landscape, it seems that all words are superfluous. Libo, as praised by people, is a brilliant emerald on the earth.

Chishui is the only national scenic spot named after the administrative district in China. It is known as “the city of thousand waterfalls”, “the crown of danxia”, “the hometown of bamboo” and “the kingdom of tree fern”.

This is a treasure land left by nature. 76.2% of the land here is covered by forests, such as the world of the wizard of oz. Under the green everywhere can be seen “danxia red cliff”, majestic like a flow of “flame painting”.

In chishui, you can travel through time and space to yan zi yan rocks. Ancient tree-ferns dating back hundreds of millions of years or thick-layered sandstone formations from the cretaceous period all give you the illusion of a Jurassic park.

You can also go to the bamboo sea national forest park to do “hidden knight”, standing in the valley, through thousands of bamboo poles, see the wind blowing bamboo leaves such as green waves, such as hidden world master indifferent.

Some people said, “in guizhou, you can avoid the ‘flower poison’ of cuckoos and the ‘water addiction’ of huangguoshu trees, but eventually you will be ‘hooked away’ by chishui, so that when you leave, you will feel disappointed and cannot forget it for a long time.”

In the northeast guizhou border area with hunan, yu, hubei and other provinces, there is a mountain peak full of mystery and magnificent, called fanjing mountain.

Fanjing mountain is “the first mountain in guizhou”, one of the five famous buddhist mountains in China. The ancients said: “the world famous monks accounted for more.” Nature has created the fantastic scenery of fanjing mountain, while buddhists are famous for the spiritual mountain and beautiful water of fanjing mountain.

Fanjing mountain is one of the best preserved forest ecosystems in the same latitude zone of the earth. It was listed as a first-class world ecological reserve by the United Nations in 1982.

In spring, flowers bloom here; Summer, here springs jump; Autumn, here layers of dyeing; In winter, it is white and spotless. Between the ever-changing, all the year round scenery unlimited.

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the world, want to see the real world fairyland, then go to fanjing mountain, sea of clouds, zen fog, mirage, Buddha light… There is always something that can clear your mind of all the trouble.

This is not yunnan, but the beauty of rural scenery is black, there are the largest, the most typical karst peak forest; This is not guangxi, but the continuous momentum of the mountains beat guilin, like a pearl on the yunnan-guizhou plateau.

This is xingyi, this is wanfeng forest, this is one of the five most beautiful peak forest in China, China cone karst museum, known as the “wonders of the world”.

It is said that xu xiake, a geographer and traveler in the Ming dynasty, once praised the place when he visited it: “there are so many peaks in the world. Majestic thousands of miles, for the southwest scenery.

The craggy karst rocks and the grass Jupiter compose in the meantime, the mountains are not high, but the peaks and bamboo shoots stand side by side, and they are integrated with the pingwo fields, curved rivers, primitive villages and lush woods, harmoniously living together.

When the rising sun or setting sun, the whole peak forest bathed in the golden light, everywhere is full of poetic and painting, just like a thick and colorful landscape painting scroll, giving a sense of visual beauty.

Huangguoshu is world famous, believe most people know, but I think many people have not heard of hongguoshu, also very few people have been to.

Red fruit tree is located in suiyang county, zunyi city, waterfall, bi tan, karst cave, tiansheng bridge, forest and other beautiful scenery in the combination of here, wild fun, fresh dust, the United States is like the world outside.

There is also the largest cave restaurant in the country, which can accommodate thousands of people to eat and watch performances at the same time. Natural constant temperature inside the hole, winter is warm summer is cool, when be hard to bear heat outside, the cool inside the hole is matchless, stay a bit longer still can feel cold.

According to the regular determination by experts of guizhou academy of sciences, the average environmental value of negative oxygen ions here is 6-100,000 / cubic cm, the average content of which is the first in China, attracting more and more people to “breathe oxygen and wash lungs”.

Nature’s uncanny workmanship, created the graceful zhong ling yu red fruit trees. In this confrontation between mountains, vast forests, picturesque land, it is refreshing, out of the dust.

In the mountains 16 kilometers away from shiqian county, there is an ancient village — upstairs ancient village, which has a history of more than 500 years since the reign of emperor hongzhi in the Ming dynasty.

The upstairs ancient village area is not big, the village countryside adds up only 4.2 square kilometers. The stockade surrounded by lush green trees, the stockade set off in the rolling hills.

Steam dense in the mountains, the village if hidden, the environment is quiet as if the xanadu, into the stockade as if into the alley of a dream.

Compared with some other famous ancient villages, the upstairs is more peaceful and quiet. It is because of this that the ancient villages have been preserved to this day.

There is no crowd here, no bustling shops, there is a strong atmosphere of life and deep in the old house waiting to be listened to the story.

Leitun village ancient name leitzun, because of the Ming dynasty hongwushi troops named, the village terrain is open, three face the river, liang river from the south to the north around the village and flow, is the national ecological home model village.

“Millennium ancient tuntun ten thousand years building who embroidery well township, a castle peak three sides around the water tiangong blessing” is the true portrayal of leitun. Here in the field row mu neat, green vegetable bed; Liang river around the village and pass, ducks and geese in the river, the river water pump, woman raccoon clothes.

The buildings in quanzhai are fresh and beautiful. The hui-style buildings with white walls and horse-head walls and the miao-dong style buildings are full of flowers and grass in front and behind the houses, giving a pure appearance of “small Bridges and flowing water”.

Here, the natural resources are endowed with unique advantages. The sandbanks are inlaid like jade on the liangjiang river beside the village. The green grass on the sandbanks conveys the new wind and charm of an ancient village.

In this vibrant land, full of poetic slow rhythm, not to mention the great beauty of the scene, just the pastoral scene is enough to make people feel like in the fairyland.

At the foot of weiwei fanjing mountain, there is a yunshe village like a paradise. Light hear “cloud shed” this is full of poetic and romantic name, let a person cannot help but imagine here must have dreamlike scenery and legends.

“Cloud shed” implied meaning “the house in the cloud, if the beauty of heaven, is the place where the immortals live”, so the village four seasons are “white ‘cloud’ fluttering, yiyi not ‘shed’ from” charming scene.

The whole village is located on a flat dam and backed by green mountains. In front of the village is the babbling “paradise valley” taiping river, which is definitely a geomantic treasure.

“The village is as big as the heaven, the circle is like a maze”, the beautiful scenery is picturesque, farmland, spring, water wheel, bluestone path, deep alley, tujia wooden house, etc., all are amazing that there is such a fairyland in this earthly world.

Continuous ridge in the clouds in the looming, green eyes like dai. Water is clear, leaves are tender green, even the roadside flowers are quietly elegant with the sex, as if to walk through every step, flowers and plants in the soil floating are comfortable and comfortable breath.

The qianhu miao village in xijiang is the largest and most typical miao village in China and even the world, and it is known as “the best miao capital in the world”.

Here is an open-air museum, exhibition of a miao development epic, leishan tourists, almost all come to this millennium village.

When I first saw xijiang qianhu miao village, I was impressed by her appearance level and temperament. That kind of feeling was so beautiful that it was like an unworldly hermit place, giving people a unique artistic conception.

The crystal clear baishui river runs through the stockade, with green mountains on both sides and stilted buildings extending from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, reflecting in the clear water. Green SLATE road, long lane, everything beautiful just right.

In the early morning, when the clouds rise, the miao village is like a fairyland. In the evening, at the beginning of the lantern, between the stars, miao village is like a dream general, intoxicating.

In fact, there are still many “fairyland” in guizhou.

Such as huangguoshu, baili cuckoo, yuntai mountain, gao across the river and so on.

Each is picturesque and fascinating.