Can you imagine the three holy lakes on the Tibetan plateau frozen, what kind of beauty?

The flowing sheep lake is especially beautiful

It’s like a blue ribbon

Sheep lake freezes but does not freeze completely

The crystal blue lake blossomed under the blue sky

The sheep lake is as deep in winter

Some people say that namco freezes in winter

You can even walk on it

Because sheep lake is lower than namco

Only part of it freezes every winter

Yamdrok is known as the celestial lake

The most beautiful water in the world

The area of the lake is more than 70 times that of the west lake in hangzhou

A must-see spot for a trip to Tibet

First time to yamdrok

Attracted by the blue lake

The blue of the sky and the blue of the lake

Is an absolutely beautiful landscape painting

Yamdrok wrong, to go will be deeply attracted! Crystal blue lake, you will love such yamdrok!