The beautiful scenery of wu lake makes people dream, cui can pearl on the sichuan-tibet line!

The lake is an idyllic picture scroll

A quiet blue lake

Under a blue sky

In winter, the lake has its own characteristics

The surrounding snow mountains were covered with snow

The bushes by the lake have snowed

However, the water of wu lake is crystal blue

The beauty of the lake is comparable to that of yamdrok

Autumn in lake ranwu

Except the snow mountain is pure white

The mountainside is golden and gorgeous

The lake is quiet and serene

The lake is still blue in winter

There began to be deep snow on the mountains

Against the blue sky and white clouds

It was magnificent

Lake anwu in deep winter

Parts of the lake will freeze over

But it doesn’t affect its charm

Follow the path by the lake

It’s an absolute luxury

Ranwu lake is famous for its quietness and blue color

Like a tear from the sky

For those who have not entered Tibet

The lake is a pure land in dream

Lake ranwu is a paradise of freedom

Let visitors forget the fatigue of the return journey

How beautiful is the lake reflected in the blue sky? You have to travel to feel it? And the winter lake ran wu more a quiet!