In the winter of Daocheng Aden, do you think that the white spots of the entire scenic area have faded away from the gorgeous colors?

Daocheng Yading under the blue sky

The golden color forest is still accompanied

Three holy mountains stand tall

Different scenery every season

The velvet cattle farm turned into brownish yellow

The Gongga River has no sound of flowing streams.

The surface is formed into thin ice

Blue, white and brown have become the main colors

Semi-ice frozen clear sea

Clear and fierce is like a dream

Innate sense of hierarchy

Preserving the hard beauty of the world

Daocheng Yading in winter

Although the tourists are relatively few

But you can also pick up the plateau

Aden scenic spot in winter is not alone

Daocheng Yading in winter

Three great lords

Blue crystal sky

As if you can calm your heart down

Daocheng Yading’s sky

All seasons are blue and pure

Once in love with the sky in the plateau

Can’t forget to miss deeply

In the sunshine in the winter

Grassy, ​​light colors

The artistic conception of Chinese painting is vividly displayed

Dream fairytale tourism wonderland

Although Xiaobian always knows the winter of Aden.

Implied level is still magnificent

If it’s not the photo of these real shots

How do you know about the fans of Daocheng Yading?

Thanks to the beautiful photos shared by the small partners in front.