Wei kunlun, blue glaciers, thick exotic customs, simple smile…

For most people, the natural scenery of northern xinjiang is deeply rooted in people’s hearts. However, these scenic spots are only part of the scenery of big Sinkiang, while southern Sinkiang is a perfect combination of nature and culture.

See the natural scenery, the edge of two desert highways through no man’s land, the world’s largest poplar forest in season,

Separated from Tibet by a mountain, the pamirs plateau, snow mountains, lakes, grasslands, plateau landscape of the atmosphere gushed out;

Looking at the culture of other countries, southern Sinkiang gathers 80% ethnic minorities of sinkiang.however, this relatively closed land breeds the most capable singers and dancers.

Looking at the culture of the silk road, the two trunk lines of the ancient silk road left hundreds of ancient cities in southern Sinkiang.

Returning to the western regions in his dreams, he revisited the ancient trade routes and listened attentively to the immortal voice of xuanzang.

The best travel time of southern Sinkiang, which is not affected by snow and ice, is four months longer than that of northern xinjiang, and you can see unique scenery every month except January and march.

Southern Sinkiang, you should get a good understanding of this ancient, warm and simple place.

Tibetan essence of the plateau scenery

And then there are the mysterious canyons that pretend to be in the American west

Separated by mountains in Tibet, with grasslands, glaciers and blue skies, southern Sinkiang also has a pure plateau scenery. You think southern Sinkiang is just an ordinary desert gobi, but think again, a desert highway leading to freedom takes you to explore the wild charms comparable to the American west.

All the way into the white sand lake scenic area is a wonderful experience, all the way around the sand mountain, but the hinterland has a suddenly opened up the green lake. Adjacent to the most vegetated desert in the world, the gulbantungu desert, the water level has not changed over the years, nor does it increase or decrease with the change of seasons. Autumn season, more with bright red and yellow embellishment of green water and blue sky more charming charming, no wonder there is a “small jiangnan” reputation.

Wenju grand canyon was once the only route leading to the north and south tianshan shatt ancient road, known locally as the “kuduluk grand canyon”, which means “breathtaking and mysterious” in uygur language. It has 5 different geological structures, such as danxia, yadan, sub-yadan, saline karst, and rockhill bottom. The area is very large, with few visitors, and you can wander through a mysterious landscape that rivals the grand canyon in the United States.

Mustag peak reaches the peak of southern Sinkiang only when it reaches 7,745 meters. The road with the highest altitude difference is like a ribbon surrounding the mountain. It is also the holy land for all mountaineering lovers. Mufeng at the foot of the mountain, karakuri lake is simply a match made in heaven, looking at the distant blue color such as wash scenery, as if the soul has been purified.

More exotic side streets than Morocco

The only white village in the country

Southern Sinkiang’s small, humane towns and villages are what bring people back again and again. Through the colorful Windows and doors of southern Sinkiang’s old city, you can find a sense of Morocco and its most authentic ethnic culture.

Too many people revel in the sense of life in kashgar, China’s westernmost city, divided into new and old. It’s hard to find your way through the ancient streets of kashgar, the only labyrinthine urban district in China that features islamic culture. Just remember that the main street in the old city almost always leads to the id kah mosque, and you can quickly find your way out. Every Friday, the call to prayer from the minarets of the temple breaks through the morning air and quivers in the dawn air, reaching back thousands of years.

Night markets are hard for any foodie to miss, and kashgar night markets are a gathering place of southern Sinkiang cuisine. Baked eggs, mixed with yellow noodles, boiled chicken, rice intestines and noodles with lung, and the Sinkiang style of nang… .. Only one street away from the mosque is the night market bazaar. At night, it is full of fragrance and excitement. Without much melodramatic, it is the most authentic kashgar.

A group of aborigines have lived for generations near lop nor, which is full of mysteries and strange events. With the change of generations, the luo people, one of the oldest ethnic groups in Sinkiang, have been gradually reduced to only a few dozen families. Although living in the gobi desert, the villagers here do not grow grain or nomadic, relying on fishing and hunting for a living. Rob village this is even said to be “humble” lifestyle, but it has become a longevity village, residents more than 100 years old.

More spectacular than ejin poplar forest distribution area

More can see three kinds of autumn color at one time

While most visitors flock to ejin in the golden autumn, the northwest is a picturesque landscape, they don’t realize that 90% of China’s poplar forests are tucked away in Sinkiang, and the largest in the world is tucked away in the taklamakan of southern Sinkiang. Nothing in the desert but the growth of tenacious vitality of poplar forest, autumn with the hot yellow show a vigorous vitality.

The primeval forest on both sides of tarim river is one of the most primeval forests in China, with over 90% of Euphrates poplar forests concentrated, which is the largest distribution area of Euphrates poplar forests in the world. The presence of trees may be mistaken for an oasis, but it is the taklamakan, known as the sea of death and the country’s largest floating desert, that you have just stepped into. I do not know how many god and hope buried under the long yellow sand.

If the tarim river is the mirror of god, the eye of the desert and the paradise of stars, then the poplar in the water is the girl in this fairyland. Populus euphratica is always praised for its strong vitality, while the water populus euphratica is like a graceful girl dancing on the riverside. The morning mist had not yet cleared, and the chirping of birds had signaled the beginning of a new day.

Populus euphratica is the only tree species growing in the desert, with the title of “living fossil plant”, so it is very valuable. And the growth of this magical tree has been linked to the legend of “phoenix, blood”. A thousand years of tenacious life, even if withered is not rotten, still standing on this land, quietly watching the passage of time.

More thick ethnic customs than northern xinjiang

More unique characteristics of the experience

The size of Sinkiang brings up people with different looks and personalities. Local customs and traditional cultures are different from each other, so we can never miss going deep into the homes of these simple and friendly ethnic minorities to experience their colorful spiritual world.

Having seen the beautiful mountains and rivers of southern Sinkiang, don’t miss visiting these simple families. When you walk into a tajik village, their faces are very different from ours. The only white Chinese people live a simple and unadorned life. The traditional farming life, however, has the fine folk customs of traveling and staying at home all night. Dance with some singing and dancing tajiks.

Once the old city of kashgar is facing the crisis of demolition, walking on the road is also afraid of falling a brick. Fortunately, gaotai dwellings were well preserved. Only here can you feel the veins of ancient kashgar in these old buildings. Squatting quietly at the door of the small workshop on the high platform, I can see the real artists. Their ceramic craft can be a miracle. After observing the whole process, you might as well make a work by yourself.

The quickest and most direct way to know a people is to know what they eat. Although Sinkiang as a “province of eating”, the food is really hard to count, but as one of the most common and common food, it is also one of the most memorable hometown food for the Sinkiang people.

Make a piece of naan with the help of a local chef

Southern Sinkiang

No matter it is the bright star on the plateau

A mountain high above the clouds

The deep eyes of the tajik girl

Are enough to make you look at will sink

One trip will get you hooked

Its mystery and excitement, its vastness and passion,

Need you, slowly experience