It is said that there are endless reasons to go to Tibet, each of which can plant a desperate seed in the hearts of those who yearn for the distance, and then take root and sprout!

Friends around, or see on the Internet, a lot of people are going to Tibet, there are self-driving, motorcycle brigade, there are walking. What is the attraction of Tibet?

1. information dissemination in the Internet era

Due to the development of the Internet and the popularity of we media, people who have been to Tibet post their travel photos on the Internet, and the mysterious veil and beauty of Tibet are spread. challenges

The journey into Tibet is full of craggy and unknown, and it is also desirable to experience the customs and taste of this journey.

3. Convenient transportation

In recent years, people who enter Tibet can choose all kinds of transportation means to go to Tibet, and entering Tibet is no longer out of reach.

4. Original ecological life

Most areas of Tibet can enjoy the original local customs, cultural scenery, there is no strong commercial atmosphere, simple folk customs.

When you really embark on the journey to Tibet, you will understand the meaning of this sentence, “the most beautiful thing about Tibet is the scenery along the way and the mood at the view”.

Because there is the potala palace.

Potala palace is the highest building in the world, which integrates palaces, castles and monasteries. It is also the largest and most complete ancient palace complex in Tibet. Every year, there are countless pilgrims and tourists here. The highest and most majestic palace in the world, the collection of extremely rich cultural relics and crafts, but also treasure the unique snow cultural heritage.

Because of the mystery of the temple.

Tashilhunpo temple is a very large temple and one of the most important scenic spots to visit xigaze. Starting from Lhasa, you will pass changzhu temple, sanye temple, gonggaitude temple, etc. Tashilhunpo temple is the largest and grandest temple.

Because of the piety of the believers there.

Went to the jokhang temple barkhor street just know, there is a kind of faith, called lifetime worship.

Because of the smoke from cow dung.

Cow dung is called “kuwa” in Tibetan, and “kuwa” has been used as fuel for cooking tea in Tibet for thousands of years. The majority of farmers and herdsmen living in the snowy plateau regard it as the best fuel.

Because there is blue sky and white clouds, no haze.

People living in Tibet know how blue the sky is in Tibet, and how beautiful the people living under the blue sky are. Do you know how blue the sky is in Tibet?

And the bells of the field.

The sky and the plateau were interspersed with a bright green water. Towering mountains stood beside them, either standing alone or whispering, watching the vast land full of cattle and sheep.

Because there are sacred mountains.

Kailin rinpoche and the meili snow mountain, the anima qing mountain, qinghai yushu garduo gyaw wo and the four sacred mountains of Tibetan Buddhism.

Because of the magic of the snowy mountains.

It is located in the middle of the Himalayas, in nyalam county of xizang and 120 kilometers southeast of Mount Qomolangma. It is an 8,000-meter peak completely in China.

Because every challenge a height has a sense of pride.

Everest base camp, 5,200 meters above sea level, is located south of rongbuk monastery. It is surrounded by a military tent hotel with a national flag and an Everest reserve flag in the middle.

Because there is always a sunny smile.

In Tibetan areas, even in very poor areas, you can see a child or an old man smiling at you without any reason. The smile without decoration is bright and simple, just like the sunshine in the plateau, which can instantly convey warmth.

Because want to explore the mysterious place – motuo.

The word “motuo” means “hidden lotus flower” in Tibetan. In Tibetan people’s mind, motuo is “lotus holy place” for religious believers to make pilgrimages. Many people think that they must go to ink once in their life. Entering motuo county, you can enjoy the diverse and colorful natural landscape from alpine cold zone to tropical rain forest within a few hours.

Tibet travel you can wait for a person, when arrived, together to Tibet. No, go to Tibet! The purpose of this trip is to follow your heart.