The south sichuan-tibet line is located at 30 degrees north latitude and is known as “the landscape avenue of the Chinese people”. Plains, mountains, valleys, rivers, grasslands, glaciers, rivers, valleys, forests, wild flowers, haizi, snow-capped mountains, lakes, hot springs, dwellings and other completely different scenery, the beauty to the extreme, the eye can reach.

If there is a life must go to the place, the sichuan Tibetan line is certainly one of them, because you can see countless shock scenery along the way!

The last piece of pure land on the blue planet — daocheng yading

Daocheng yading has snow mountain, ten thousand mu of poplar forest, alpine meadow, pasture lake, put the line of sight far can look up to xian nai day, Yang maiyong, xia nuodoji three sacred mountains, the original natural scenery let a person never forget.

A miracle in the world road history — seventy-two cruises of nu river

Seventy-two crutch is bonda to baju section of a cliff road, because the road is dangerous and famous in the world. As a result of sichuan territory a few high mountain tunnel all pass, pass wheat, row dragon natural danger already eliminate, reason er 72 turn become sichuan to hide the line on the only make a person be frightened to block!

The forbidden zone of life – dongda mountain pass

Dongda mountain pass is 5130 meters above sea level. There is snow all the year round. It is called the forbidden zone of life, and it is also the place where the sichuan-tibet line needs to cross.

Millennium salt pan – mangkang salt well

The ancient salt field in mangkang has a long history, dating back to more than 1300 years ago. You can watch the whole process of salt making by hand here, and you can also see the unique and original production tools. It is the only existing salt making by hand in the world.

Tears of heaven – lake ranwu

Ranwu lake lake blue, clear as a mirror, the lake is lush meadows, fields and villages, the hillside is dense primeval forest, the peak is the year-round snow. Standing by the lake, looking at the reflection of the snowy mountains and blue sky on the lake, people often have a kind of illusion of place oneself in wonderland.

The most beautiful village in China – laigu village

Laigu village, located in the snowy mountains, is praised as “the most beautiful village in China” by China national geographic. Standing in the village, you can see six sea glaciers, which are unique in China and even in the world.

The most beautiful mountain in China — namjarbawa peak

Nangabawa meets almost all people’s imagination of a beautiful snowy mountain. The glacier on the top of the mountain is towering and beautiful in shape. Clouds often float in the mountains. But because the sea of clouds all year round, can see its true appearance is very very lucky.

The highest palace in the world — potala palace

The potala palace is the symbol of Tibet and the holy place in the heart of all the pilgrims. Here, you can not only enjoy a large number of historical relics, appreciate the Tibetan architectural art, but also conduct a spiritual baptism in Tibetan Buddhism.