There are several reasons why many young people make a self-driving trip to Tibet.

First, the destination xizang scenery is really beautiful. The scenery of Tibet is not only beautiful, but also different from others. I think the first reason is that Tibet is a plateau with unique features. Therefore, Tibet is a destination for many tourists. I still remember when I went to Tibet for the first time, I took the qinghai-tibet line, crossed tanggula mountain, saw the potala palace, saw yamdrok yung tso, saw namtso… The heart is really unspeakable shock.

Second, the roads into Tibet are also beautiful. Several routes into Tibet, such as sichuan-tibet line, qinghai-tibet line, xinhai-tibet line and yunnan-tibet line, also have very good scenery along the way. Among them, the national highway 318 of sichuan-tibet line is known as the landscape avenue of Chinese people. To enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way, self-driving is certainly more convenient than transportation such as plane and train, and more convenient than cycling and hiking, so if time and economic conditions allow, many friends will choose self-driving.

Third, there are security concerns. There are also some risks on the road, such as car failure, illness and so on, especially in high altitude areas and the possibility of altitude sickness. Therefore, if you drive to the plateau alone, you will face many unknown possibilities, while traveling with a companion can help each other and support each other along the way, so as to be more secure.

Fourth, out of normal social needs. No matter which route you choose to drive into Tibet, the distance is still relatively long. Therefore, in order to avoid the loneliness caused by traveling alone in a long distance, traveling with a companion is also a reasonable choice.

These are some of the reasons I think young people like to take self-driving trips to Tibet, but no one has asked me to drive with them, haha.