I left Tibet alone and left the environment for many years. I was a little more melancholy and cooled some loneliness. Before I left, I always heard many soul travellers say that life is a journey with or without. If you go too fast, you will lose others. If you go too slowly, you will be thrown away by others. This moment I deeply realized it.

Looking at the pilgrims on the road, they walked toward the temple in their hearts step by step. It seems that I will never be burned out, my hands will be together, and my body will be on the ground. Gradually, one meter, ten meters, one hundred meters… until you reach the foot of the Potala Palace. Their eyes are very bright and their hearts are bright.

There are countless coincidences in life. At a specific time, in a specific space, what you should meet in your life, you will meet in front of you. Which link is wrong, even if it is only a little bit, maybe it will never meet again in this life. I don’t know, this arrangement of God is right or wrong, I only know that this is the fate of the legend. If it is robbery, it is also hiding and hiding.

In Tibet, as soon as you see these two words, when you read these two sounds, you will have a sacred feeling in your heart.

Tibet, a holy place where the male eagle soars, a pure land far away from the dust, a place with three feet above the head.

Tibet, how many Xuefeng, Jinlu, Mani heap, how much piety, humility, attachment. How many monasteries, lamas, and prayer barrels have many legends, dreams, and shocks.

I am obsessed with the ethereal spirit of Tibet and I am obsessed with the thin air.

I like Tibetan books with Tibetan style. There are always some unknown and bright flowers on the window sill, swaying in the breeze. The sun in the afternoon lazy, a cup of tea, a book, and a simple smile of the collector Amei, all this is so happy, the original happiness can be so simple, the original life elsewhere!

I also like the mountains of Tibet, which are less feminine, and some are only majestic and atmospheric. Standing at the peak of four or five kilometers, it takes a big mouthful of gasp to breathe, which is the illusion of death. In the face of the rolling hills and the drifting clouds, at that moment, I will lose myself. I don’t know where I am, there is an impulse to fly down, so I’m buried here, so I’m buried here, maybe. It is the home of my past and present.

When I first saw Nam Co, I was amazed at its beauty, and its beauty without a trace of dust was undoubtedly fascinating and inspiring. I heard my heart beat fast, and my eyes are already full of tears…

The blue lake is like a sea and sky. The lake in the distance is quiet, the golden sun is shining on it, like countless elves dancing, and the lake near the shore is restless, with layers of waves, like a raging tide. I stood there, thinking repeatedly in my heart: the heart is like a lake, moving like a tide!

No matter how many visitors are moved by me, I am sure that this is my own paradise, a paradise for the heart!

If you like someone or fall in love with a place, I think there is no reason and no reason. Is my past life in this mysterious place? I don’t want to doubt this anymore. I seem to have seen the long-haired woman in the reflection of the holy lake. She has a shocking face and a voice of the gods and a smile that is not secular. She waited for a thousand years with Namco. I hope that is the past life. I have been tempted, poisoned by it, and refused to dissolve.

There is a feeling that it is painful and happy, and there is a feeling that it is painful but it has to continue to hurt, so the pain is even more painful! And you are good for me, it seems to be a medicine. Just like savoring a cup of unsweetened coffee, the musk is always full of bitterness, but it is also sweet when it is reminiscent of the aftertaste, such as the wine in the cup, the tears in the eyes, the obsessive but infinitely hurt.

The beautiful and magical snowy plateau can calm people’s impetuousness and give people an indifferent state of mind, but they can’t conceal their inner guilt. People can find their own souls in this life. This is the meaning of God in the midst of it. However, it is always impossible to justify it. All that cannot be explained is entrusted to a “margin” word!

The Buddha said that the past five hundred times of returning, in exchange for this life passed by. I don’t know what has been left in the imprint of my life here? In the depths of my soul, it seems to be from the call of distant heavens, always deeply touched me! When my feet set foot on this land, everything here is so familiar, so forgetful, as if I used to live here for a long time…

The cause of past life, the fruit of this world, the fate of the afterlife, the Buddha said, a reincarnation in five hundred years, in the next reincarnation, will I return to this place? Will you still wait for me here? Will we still meet?