The journey into Tibet seems to be far away and lonely. We need a photo to help us take pictures, accompanied by a laughing and traveling trip. It seems that it is the travel we want most. Then the question comes. Who do you most want to accompany you to Tibet? What?

I want to go to Tibet with my girlfriends. Someone once said that girlfriends are another mirror of their own. Even if they haven’t contacted each other for a long time, they still have a good time to talk, and they will go into Tibet together with the girlfriends who will take pictures. It is a different experience. !

What kind of experience is it to enter into Tibet with a lover? Is the other half taking care of you with care, is there a photo taken by a boyfriend, and traveling can make the relationship warmer and promote a better understanding of each other!

If you enter Tibet with your lover, do you expect to make a promise of love under the snow-capped holy lake, whether you are looking forward to a deep kiss at sunrise and sunset, and the two together will stare into the sky and say romantic love!

I want to go into Tibet with my parents. I once saw an article about my son asking where the 80-year-old grandmother wants to go. The grandmother took out the “Tibet”. Although she was very surprised, her son still took the grandmother to ride Tibet. The grandmother did not have a whole journey. High anti-play is a great pleasure.

Tibet is a travel dream in everyone’s heart. It reminds me of my father and mother. They work all the year round, and they will play with them to bring them a dream of Tibet. They will take them to play purely and let them experience different beliefs. journey of.

Maybe you want to travel alone, go on a trip to Tibet, and fight friends to challenge the travel dreams of the Sichuan-Tibet line. After you are familiar with your family and friends, you can chat about what you have met and people, and you will be reluctant to leave. Meet again!

If you step on the journey to Tibet with the iron buddies, how can you have a few photos after the end of the journey, the memory of youth, although there is not much language, all the words into a glass of wine in my heart!

The scenery of the Sichuan-Tibet line is beautiful in all seasons, the Linzhi peach flower source in March, the lush green from April to September, the golden glory along the way from October to November, the romantic fairy tale after the snowy scene in December, 2018 you most want And when is it going to Tibet?