Cuo means “lake” in Tibetan. Mugecuo in kangding, sichuan two presidents township village, the queen mother sat victorialis l.studying in interrupt gonggar mountains, about 17 kilometers from kangding city, is the national AAAA level scenic spots, the world natural heritage nomination, national key scenic spot.

The charming scenery of blue sea and blue sky and mountains and lakes is enough to break the haze in everyone’s heart. Mugecuo consists of six scenic spots: The cuckoo gorge, fontane lawn, Seven color sea, medicine pool boiling spring, mugecuo (savage sea) and The red prairie.


Also known as wild man sea, also known as daizi, is one of the largest mountain lakes in northwest sichuan. At an altitude of 3,700 meters, mugecuo is surrounded by mountains, forests and grasslands, surrounded by dozens of small seas such as the red sea, black sea and white sea. On the left side of the estuary, the peak name rhinoceros peak, moonlit night, such as water moonlight splashed on the peak, the handle of the sky rhinoceros peak horn will give out a silver cold light.

Seven color sea

Seven color sea is the first scenic spot in mugecuo. It has an altitude of 2700 meters and an area of about 20 hectares. The crescent-shaped Seven color sea is like a colorful lens set between the forest and the lawn. A hundred birds in the jungle, the lakeside lawn quiet and elegant, the lake water grass elegant, qiang live fish in the bottom of the pebble leisurely swim, boating through the fog xingbo, lake scenery panoramic view. Around the lake, “lotus fog around”, “lotus sunset”, “camel’s hump reflection” and other beautiful scenery set off the Seven color sea natural spirit, but also the four seasons of sunshine, rain and fog change moside, the lake presents a red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple wonders, can be called a unique lake scenery.

Seven color sea is a symbiotic lake of cold springs and hot springs. On the right side of the lake, the bottom of the spring bead spray jade, hot fog curl, water temperature up to 67℃, is a good place to wash bathing.

Fang Cao Ping

The area is about 10000 square metre, she resembles a gorgeous carpet, spread between hill dense forest. Fragrant grass such as Yin, wildflowers everywhere, the fragrance qin people’s wildflowers will be drunk from afar visitors.

Here is the park of passion, kang ding love song hero’s love story also starts from here; Fang lawn is also the whip prancing horse and play the natural paradise.

The cuckoo gorge

The cuckoo gorge is a glistening belt of mugecuo gorge. With Seven color sea in the east and savage sea in the west, the valley is 6 kilometers long. In the canyon, the stream sometimes rushing, sometimes slow, flying pearls sputtering jade, stream Banks on both sides of the forest valley, sometimes rushing, sometimes slow, flying pearls sputtering jade, the stream Banks on both sides of the lush trees, especially the original cuckoo forest eye-catching. The azaleas here are in all shapes and colors.

Some trees as high as a few zhangs, like flying in the air to scatter fairy; Some were short and thin, like a spreading train; Some high cliff, swaying in the wind, frequently greeting guests; Some erect gully, tingtingyu, to tourists shy salute; Some flowers as big as bowls, some flowers as small as buttons; Red, yellow, blue, red, white, purple, like coral, pearl buck, round, a cluster, full mountain is the world of flowers, full gorge is the sea of flowers, she gathered 68 species of azaleas in the race, from mid-april to July, flowering period as long as 4 months. The cuckoo gorge combines The hot springs, lakes, meadows, peaks, rocks and rapids all together, giving The gorge a full-bodied, pristine natural landscape.

The red prairie

The red prairie of mugecuo is named because of its high mountain lakes and red sea.

The red prairie here lush grass, wildflowers everywhere, let visitors experience The fragrance of The gaisang flowers in The snow mountain under The unique scenery. From kangding to mugecuo scenic spot, mugecuo holy lake by boat, leading to The red prairie on The other side.

Golden Beach

The golden beach on the left of mugecuo is known as the love beach, which is a highlight of mugecuo. Its fine soft sand, natural golden, in the western sichuan plateau area, natural formation around the lake is rare.

The total length of the love beach is more than 110 meters, wide is more than 80 meters, the total area reaches 8800 square meters, looks from afar, quite has “qin meng yi chu jinsha shore” the verve, it also will appear as the season row rises to cover the sand, the water falls the depression sand scene.

It has the most breathtaking views

Pure snow mountain grassland, magnificent with pure haizi color forest

The heaven of pure beauty is so near to us