Western sichuan is Scenic everywhere, if you want to say where is more beautiful, there is no standard and only answer, there are a thousand hamlets in the eyes of a thousand people, but I can say something about Hamlet in my eyes, I personally think Scenic Spot of Daocheng Yading is the most beautiful scenery in western sichuan, why?

Dream of a paradise

This is a arcadia, dream home, there’s a holy snow mountains, deep canyons, leisurely yak, colorful lakes, primitive forest, ancient temples, alpine meadow, gorgeous galaxy, boundless sky, the land of flowers, of hiding in the and so on, the whole scene compose a countless people are eager to have xanadu oil painting.

Tibetan habitat

This area is mainly Tibetan always habitat since ancient times, so the land everywhere is full of rich flavor of Tibetan, the Tibetan folk, Tibetan temple, colourful prayer, yak ornament in three sacred mountain, such as a faithful relationship among them, every day along the mountains around a circle, all the way to worship, pray for the safety and happiness.

Shangri-la in the novel

From reached the land for the first time in 1928, lasted nearly 20 years Mr Joseph rock, an Austrian American explorer represents a national geographic magazine in the United States, hide to in-depth study and exploration in China, accidentally discovered this land, known as the shangri-la, namely to zealand-based Scenic Spot of Daocheng Yading near the core of the area. Overwhelmed by the overwhelming beauty of this Scenic Spot, Mr. Rock returned to China and wrote the famous novel lost horizon, making Scenic Spot of Daocheng Yading world-famous overnight.

The location of the media

Remember the 2016 movie from all over your world? One of the male protagonist in the snow mountain suddenly proposed to the heroine, the scene of tears? That mind-altering scene was at the Scenic Spot of chonggu meadow in the Scenic Spot of Daocheng Yading. The grass beach there is emerald green in spring, summer is multicolored, autumn is orange gold, winter is snow-white, the four seasons have different colors, as the ancient four beauties with stage singing, each exhibition coquettish.

A hiking destination for hikers

From lu village through to Aden village named after Mr Locke’s main foot line – lok lines, has become a domestic classic foot line, hundreds of thousands of travelers every year, spring, summer, autumn to the shangri-la region, through respectively in zealand-based Scenic Spot of Daocheng Yading area in different lines, personally follow the footsteps of Mr. Locke, met the shangri-la this piece of pure land, blue.

A photographer’s paradise

If you have seen many wonderful photographic blockbusters on the Internet, such as the snow mountains in western sichuan, Tibet, red grass beach and so on in autumn, do you feel the impulse to go immediately after seeing the perfect film? One thing I can tell you is that a number of scenes were Scenic Spot of Daocheng Yading, a Scenic Spot with Scenic spots, patted by ordinary people, a wonderful blockbuster, akin to a national geographic blockbuster. We just have a good idea of how beautiful the Scenic Spot of Daocheng Yading is.

Little fresh web celebrity punch

Was first discovered and with red since Mr Lok zealand-based Scenic Spot of Daocheng Yading this is called “the blue the last piece of pure land on earth” area, leading to countless people over the past century has been sought after, attracted a string of punch, and since the film “from your the world passing shot in Aden clock in Scenic Spot, which in turn makes zealand-based Scenic Spot of Daocheng Yading fame not careful has entered a peak, over the years on the trill, Scenic Spot of Daocheng Yading almost hit video at refresh.

Ok, with so much information, do you feel so immersed in the Scenic Spot of Daocheng Yading? So start while you’re still young! Meet shangri-la at the Scenic Spot of Daocheng Yading.