All said that Damei Sichuan, the United States is in western Sichuan. For those who have never been to, Chuanxi is a dreamy dream, full of mystery, and people are not curious. For those who have been to, Chuanxi is a permanent concern, but also a pit!

Because it is so beautiful,
It makes people reluctant to leave, and leaders want to be angry.

Plateau pear flower sea, Jinchuan

Because it is so beautiful,
It makes people empty the wallet, and wants to go when they go.

Because it is so beautiful,
It makes people want to fall, and is willing to end here.

There are countless here
a familiar or unfamiliar world
If you don’t have so much love, I advise you not to go easily!

Did you get into the pit in western Sichuan?

Not yet, the Dragon Boat Festival grass these short lines to find a good place!


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Russia, the pond, the sea of flowers, the wetland of the clouds

Beginning in late May each year, the Tiantang grassland with a radius of tens of square kilometers, a sea of flowers and a paradise of fragrant land, can be called “the plateau Taoyuan”, just like “the paradise on earth”, the whole flowering period will last until October.


The blue sky, the towering snow peaks, the vast grasslands, the vast sea of flowers, and the fusion of each other make people fascinated and lingering.

D1, Chengdu – 125KM Wenchuan – 212KM Russian Mouth 337km
D2: Residence – 165KM Ganbao Tibetan Village – 30KM Taoping Village – 138KM Chengdu 333KM


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Cold smashing, fired from 2018, 2019 is no longer “cold”.

The “August Peak” mouth of the sea about 4,600 meters is rarely known as the best location for the close-up shooting of the “Eight Fairy Peak, Rizhao Jinshan, Xiaxia Shenshan, Gongga Shenshan Reflection” on the front of Gongga Shenshan.

It is not like a tourist attraction, noisy, crowded.
It is part of nature, waiting quietly for the people.
Leng Fucuo, a relatively unfamiliar name, Baidu navigation does not leave the secret place of the route.

No matter whether it is a holiday season or a summer season, there are not many tourists here, only friends and enthusiasts are looking for it.

Leng Yucuo is located in a sea on the back hill of Bangmujid Village, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province.
Altitude measured: 4530 meters

D1: Chengdu–Yaan–Kangding–Folding Mountain–Tibetan Inn
D2: Tibetan Inn–Quanhuatan–Cold Miaocuo (Can Camping)–Tibetan Inn
D3: Folding mountains–Kangding–Chengdu

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  Red Rock Top Walking, 360° Cloud Sea

Hongyanding is a place more beautiful than Niubei Mountain. It is a place closer to Gongga, one of the six 360° panoramic platforms in Sichuan, 14°~22° in summer and -5°~10° in winter.

Watching the sea of clouds, sunrise, sunset, starry sky, admiring the wonders of the sun and the moon
Sunrise time: starting at 5 am
Sunset time: around 18 o’clock
Starry time: 1 am to 4 am

Red Rock Top is similar to Niubei Mountain
Sunrise, sunset, Buddha light, Sun and Moon Tonghui, Starry Sky, Galaxy, Yunhai, Rizhao Jinshan
Niubei Mountain is now engaged in the development of the already closed mountain. The red rock top is less well known than the Niubei Mountain. It is completely wilderness.

The sea of clouds seen in Niubei Mountain is tumbling, and the top of the red rock is wavy.
Similar to these two places, there are Huajianshan, which can be seen in any order.

[Dragon Boat Festival Recommendations • 2 Days Tour]
  D. Dawa

Dawa Ghaza is a 360° viewing platform that is comparable to Niubei Mountain. It also has a sea of clouds, a golden mountain of sunshine, and a sister mountain of Mount Lushan, the sister of Siguniang Mountain.

You can look around the Siguniang Mountain in the north, the Pagra Mountain in the south, the Gongga Peak in the west, and the various waterfalls, meadows, forests, lakes, canyons, and Tibetan villages.

The scenery is beautiful and the Niubei Mountain and the four people are in the same place. The transportation is more convenient, the accommodation and accommodation conditions are better and safer.

After more than a year of renovation, Dawa was officially opened to the public in September last year. The scenic sightseeing car goes directly to Yunding, without any hiking or bad roads.

Compared to the hiking trail of Niubei Mountain for 6-8 hours, and the dangerous road to the cliff, Dawa is no doubt that the threshold is lower and the road is better and safer. Even if you don’t have any hiking experience, you can easily enjoy the great scenery here. And the hotel accommodation conditions near the gate of the scenic spot are not bad, far better than Niubeishan, four people.

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  Drunk and beautiful scenery platform – four people with mountains

At the top of the four people, the king of the mountain, the Gongga Mountain, and the “Queen of the Lushan Mountain” – Siguniang Mountain and Tianhaizi Mountain. Compared with Niubei Mountain, the four people are not inferior to the top of the mountain. The four peaks are on the top of the mountain, and the Gongga Snow Mountain, Siguniang Mountain and Emei Mountain are all in sight.

If you are lucky, you can see the spectacular sunrise and the sea of clouds on the top of the observation deck, and see the clouds floating under your feet.

The sunset of the four people, the cloud waterfall, the sunrise cloud sea, the sunshine Jinshan, the starry sky, the night view of the sea of clouds are very beautiful, and they don’t lose the Niubei Mountain. Because the four people are closer to the Gongga Snow Mountain, plus the valley and cloud shape in front. Changeable, photography can be more patable, more charming than Niubeishan.

The shooting of snow around the camp is also a major feature of the four people. There are seven or eight places on the way up and down the mountain to stop the snow mountain and the beautiful scenery of the sea. This is incomparable to Niubei Mountain. At the top of the four people, the king of the mountain, the Gongga Mountain, and the “Queen of the Lushan Mountain” – Siguniang Mountain and Tianhaizi Mountain.


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Mengchengcheng + Yele Lake Tour

Also known as Yele Reservoir, it is located in Yile Township, Suining County, Xichang.
At an altitude of over 2,600 meters, the Lake Yele is all year round, with lakes and mountains.

The lake is blue, surrounded by virgin forests, with snow-capped mountains and large meadows. There are clusters of rhododendrons and wildflowers on the meadows. The cattle and sheep are grazing in the waist-deep pastures. Because they are located in the remote Liangshan, almost Little known.


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Mengzi River Valley · Primitive Forest Waterfall

The Mengzi River Valley is located in Shangmeng Township, northwest of Li County, Aba Prefecture, with a scenic area of 714.5 square kilometers.

The scenic area combines snow-capped mountain meadows, glacial lakes, virgin forests and rare wild animals and plants. The heavens and the earth are radiant and the characters are harmonious. It is called the “place where dreams begin”.

She is an exquisite pearl shining in the slope base of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, forming a rare geological and geomorphological landscape. Shangmeng Township, where the Mengzi River Valley is located, is a transliteration of the Tibetan word “Shigu”, meaning “auspicious land”

Free to get up and create deep creative according to your shooting needs
3-5 point shooting star river
6-7 point shot sunrise
The specific sunrise time is subject to the weather of the day.


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  Seda + Xinduqiao Chuanxi Pilgrimage Tour

“You are not a Buddhist, why do you want to go to a place like Seda?” “Who knows, because it is there. At first glance, the picture of the blue sky and white clouds is red, and the hormone is a commotion, so I went.” ”

Lamas and sensational robes in red robes are coming and going, and the air is full of vitality and peace. On the highest mountain of the Buddhist College, there is a splendid building called “Hall of the Mandala”. It is said that if you have any disease, it would be better to turn a hundred laps here;

The golden cylinder left a long, squeaky sound after the dry hands turned.


[Dragon Boat Festival Recommended • 3.5 Day Tour]
  Stroll through Wuhu + Xichang barbecue

Located in Yongning Township, north of Ninglang County, Lijiang, Yunnan, and Wanshan Cong, on the left side of Yanyuan County, Sichuan Province, Wuhu Daluoshui Village is 73 kilometers away from Ninglang County and about 200 kilometers away from Lijiang Old Town.

Wuhu covers an area of more than 50 square kilometers, with an elevation of 2,690 meters. The maximum visibility is 12 meters. The lake is clear and blue.
It is the highest lake in Yunnan and one of the second deepest freshwater lakes in Yunnan. The style of the Mosuo girl, the elegance of the canoe and the canoe, the fisherman’s song of the past, can be called “three musts on the lake.”