With the development of tourism, Tibet is becoming more and more clear in the known areas. Most of the scenery can be said that “this should only have the sky, the world is rare to find”. People who love to travel, travel, hike, climb mountains, and make pilgrimages. There are many people yearning for its beauty and mystery, but always dare not take the first step. But whether you come or not, it is there, quietly emitting a charming atmosphere, waiting for your arrival.

It is said that Tibet is a sacred paradise, which is holy and inviolable. Therefore, people who come to Tibet for the first time or for many times should not do anything and do not touch the bottom line of danger. Now let’s count together, travel to Tibet, what need to pay attention to matters.

Don’t run. Don’t eat too much. Don’t take a shower for the first few days

As we all know, the altitude of Tibet is generally very high. Besides hiking and driving, there is a process of adapting to the altitude. Besides, taking airplanes and trains is a test of the adaptability to high altitude. If you reach Lhasa, which is about 3,650 meters above sea level, you will suffer from altitude sickness on the first or second day. To help you adjust to altitude faster, it is recommended not to run or walk too much or eat too much. Do not bathe for two or three days before your planned arrival in order to avoid catching a cold, which is likely to aggravate the symptoms of altitude sickness and lead to physical overload that will affect your travel plans.

Don’t forget to prepare essential medications for yourself

Drugs can be taken to prevent and ease altitude sickness, but often only mentally. Glucose can be taken in an appropriate amount, has a relief effect on high anti. Some travelers to Tibet, hypertension is relatively common, it is best to prepare some drugs for it in advance, you can consult the doctor advice. Besides medicine, you should take some snacks, such as chocolate, to replenish your strength.

Do not use oxygen cylinders when it is not necessary

After entering Tibet, you may experience varying degrees of altitude sickness such as headache or difficulty sleeping in the first few days. But these painful endurance will allow your body to slowly adapt to the high altitude. Unless you are going to rely on bottled oxygen and you are not going to get used to it as soon as possible or you don’t want to continue travelling in Tibet, don’t resort to oxygen bottles. Except when it’s absolutely necessary, like when you suddenly get really sick.

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and bring your sunscreen

Even in the rainy season, the climate in Tibet is very dry. Due to the high altitude and abundant sunshine, you must drink more water to prevent dehydration. Ultraviolet ray is very strong in the daytime, so even if you are not afraid of being sunburnt you must besmear good prevent bask in frost, do well prevent bask in the job, sunshade sun cap prevents bask in clothes to wait, cause harm to the skin in order to prevent ultraviolet ray.

Don’t forget to take heavy clothes with you

As we all know, due to the high altitude in Tibet, the temperature difference between morning and night is huge. Tibetan clothing is also designed according to this feature. So even on hot summer days, it can be very cold at high altitudes, especially at night. If you forget, you’ll probably have to stay warm under the covers, but you’ll miss the beautiful Milky Way sky at night in Tibet.

Don’t wear hats and sunglasses when you visit the temple

The temple represents the Tibetan people’s belief in Tibetan Buddhism and is their god. No matter you believe it or not, you should respect it. So please take off your hat and sunglasses and use your eyes to truly feel the culture and buddhist architecture.

Don’t point one finger at the Buddha

Pointing a finger at someone in Tibet, let alone a Buddha, is rude. So in order to show respect for your faith and your local monastery, please do not point one finger at the Buddha statue or temple or even others.

Don’t walk counterclockwise

No matter you are a pilgrim or a leisure tourist, in Tibetan Buddhism, when you go to the temple, barkhor street, follow the pilgrim to worship or walk around the mountain, you should not walk counterclockwise, all people should walk clockwise when they visit the monastery in Tibet.

Don’t talk about politics

Don’t try to talk about political issues with tibetans because the Tibetan people and government are very sensitive to these.

Ok, that’s it for today. I hope it’s helpful for you who want to go into hiding.