1. Vehicle selection

In terms of vehicle selection, hard type off-road vehicles, such as Toyota prado, lu patrol, mitsubishi pajiro, mercedes-benz grand G, jeep wrangler and nissan tula, are the first choice. There are no problems at all. Secondly, the urban SUV with four-wheel drive is better, with a high chassis and a good vision, guaranteed by sex. In addition, there is a large space for putting more things. Finally, cars, although they can do it, are generally not as confident as the first two kinds of cars.

2. Travel time selection

Drive is best to avoid the rain and snow season, July and August is the rainy season, debris landslides, happen from time to tome, bring more risk to travel, November – march sichuan-tibet highway snow is more, in particular the high altitude pass, basically have snow, even if you are an old driver, there is no guarantee that others drive technology, sichuan-tibet highway, many people go to for the first time, fearless, this kind of person is very dangerous.

3. Prepare for your trip

Before departure, the vehicles to conduct a comprehensive inspection, after all, thousands of kilometers, can maintain the start again, to carry on the emergency tools, trailer rope, chain (necessary) snow season, snack food, can prepare some less, eat on the bus, drinking water, fruit, medicine, ya, something more expensive on the road, don’t hurry basically can eat on the way.

Clothing: there is a big temperature difference between morning and evening on the sichuan-tibet line, including Tibet, and it is not hot in summer, so you can take less in summer. In winter, from October to April, you need to take charge of clothes and down jackets, especially to places like qomolangma and ali.

Daily necessities: toothpaste, toothbrush, facial cleanser, toner, moisturizer, sunscreen (50 times more important, essential), lipstick (important, essential), hand cream, sunglasses, thermos, rain gear. A sleeping bag can be prepared, and some places have moderate accommodation conditions.

The certificate must take good, the id card, the frontier defense certificate (if goes to the frontier area).

4. Schedule

Sichuan Tibet line travel basically have more mature lines, you can refer to, adjust according to the situation, each to a point, remember to pay attention to how much oil is left in the tank, the best to fill up, pay attention to the left tribute oil is more expensive

5. Safety management

Safety is the last thing, because it’s the most important thing.

It is drive a car safety above all, ten million cannot careless, a lot of accident is too careless, drive that kind casually, curve decelerate, car of sichuan Tibet line is more especially to Tibet area, a lot of drive more optional, of course, there is no lack of yo of a lot of other places drive oneself drive hair bridle, pay attention to avoid. Passing through the village must slow down, hit the livestock is more troublesome. Note the speed limit reminder, so it is recommended to always open the navigation, navigation tips.

Life safety, it is suggested to buy travel accident insurance, self-driving insurance, preparedness, pay attention to the plateau hypoxia to the body discomfort, pay attention to prevent colds, scenic area tourism on foot, pay attention to wild animals, pay attention to wild dog infestation (Tibetan area regulation, now less). For those who sleep in the car at night, open the Windows and get as close to the village as possible.