Ruoergai prairie is also the place I want to go, but I haven’t made the trip for various reasons. If I have the chance this year, I will visit seda in ganzi state after seeing ruoergai prairie.

The most beautiful season on the ruoergai prairie is summer. According to what I know, the best time to go is in the middle of July.

The zoergai steppe is an extension of the gannan steppe, but in different areas. Langmu temple and zagana have many children studying in ruoergai county, and many people do business there.

On the way from langmu temple to ruoergai county, there is a flower lake. In mid-july every year, the lake is full of flowers and grass, which is the most beautiful time.

Ruoergai county to the northwest is the ruoergai prairie of tangke grassland, here is the world’s largest point of view is the first bay of the Yellow River. The first bay is magnificent at sunrise and sunset.

The main route to ruoergai grassland is national highway 213, which can be reached from lanzhou via langmu temple, from chengdu via songpan prairie or from markang and hongyuan grassland.

There are many scenic spots around the ruoergai prairie. Toward chengdu, there are songpan ancient city, huanglong, muni valley, jiuzhaigou; To the south of gannan, there are langmu temple, zhagara, luqu prairie, maqu prairie, cooperation, xiahe labrang temple; In the direction of markang, there are hongyuan grassland, somo grand canyon, zhuokeji tusi village, markang temple and other scenic spots.

In addition, the Tibetan xianglang festival is usually held around the middle of July, when you can enjoy the most intense Tibetan customs in anduo Tibetan area, the opportunity is really rare.

In Tibetan areas, Tibetan delicacies such as steamed buns, grilled lamb chops, fern and flax rice and homemade qingke liquor are not to be missed. When eating hidden steamed stuffed bun, first bite the skin of the steamed stuffed bun to suck out the oil and water inside, otherwise it will be very hot mouth. The usual restaurant with fern and flax rice doesn’t have any.

You need to book in advance. Tibetan is very real, the meal that midday does, won’t sell to you even when arriving dinner, must do to sell immediately (this point is in zecha shilin zecha village Tibetan restaurant can have firsthand experience). The brew, not available at the market, is made by tibetans themselves and used to entertain guests or give gifts to friends and relatives. You can only buy it if you go to a Tibetan family and ask for it. The kind of qingke liquor drinks a little light like a drink, but imperceptibly drunk, liquor wake up behind not pain, not thirsty mouth. In a word: delicious!