Motorcycle travel seems simple, there are a lot of need to pay attention to the details, the first time to Tibet tourism need to pay attention to what, the following article collated some first time to Tibet tourism related issues and matters needing attention, want to travel to Tibet moyou brothers can refer to!

According to the past few years’ cases, all those who died of altitude sickness were the first time to enter Tibet or rushed into Tibet through the qinghai-tibet railway.

A border permit is required

Special location of Tibet, a lot of places, you must have a “certificate” to enter the border, a lot of places away from the border began to check more than 100 km border card, such as rocks, camphorwood, ali is with a border pass, low efficiency of Tibet, the Tibet border card is very troublesome, handle border card at the location of the id card is the best place to do, it is not only simple procedures, the charge is not expensive.

About going into Tibet alone or in company

Some moyo like to be alone, do not want to be dragged by teammates, always feel a person can really feel the feeling of freedom, in fact, not! Xizang is different from the mainland, belongs to the plateau, the elevation can reach more than 3000 meters. Go together is the most assured choice, 3, 4 people the most appropriate, people too much inconvenience unified opinions, the speed is not good coordination, suggested that each equipped with a battery life long motorcycle helmet bluetooth intercom, LX – FT4 helmet bluetooth headset, quality excellent, intelligent noise, very easy to communicate, phone support, and it’s journey can adapt the bad environment, so as to safer to enjoy the journey.

There are several types of people who are not suitable to go to Tibet

Generally speaking, most people have no problems in traveling to Tibet. Except for some people who suffer from serious diseases, such as heart disease, blood disease and cerebrovascular disease. Suffering from various respiratory diseases; Epilepsy, schizophrenia and uncontrolled diabetes; Had had plateau disease, such as plateau edema, plateau brain edema, plateau heart disease; 5. High-risk pregnant women; 6. Suffering from a severe cold, fever or respiratory infection.

Altitude sickness

The symptoms of altitude sickness can be summarized as follows: drowsiness, chest tightness, panting, headache, nosebleed, blindfolded head, tinnitus, asthma, fatigue and insomnia, which disappear when the body ADAPTS. Severe will have vomiting nausea, face purple, diarrhea and other symptoms.

Tibet tourism the most afraid of be plateau reaction, so everyone will think some exercise before you go to Tibet, it is no connection and a strong plateau response, is only related to the body’s ability to adapt and adjust, don’t need to deliberately to exercise, if don’t feel at ease, can also be one or two months in advance for aerobic exercise, do some jogging, but a week before the departure will pay attention to rest, don’t exercise.

The medicine that prevents altitude sickness has a lot of, want to go drugstore to consult a doctor to be able to tell you only. The most familiar is rhodiola rosea, capsule type, oral liquid type, also have prototype rhodiola rosea, you can drink water, these preventive drugs generally take about ten days in advance, after entering Tibet to take effect is not.

The best way to relieve altitude sickness is to breathe oxygen, which is not commonly used by most people entering Tibet. However, I still suggest carrying oxygen bags in case of emergency.

Is the sichuan-tibet line dangerous

The sichuan-tibet line has a rather frightening title — the line of death. However, the scenery along the route is so beautiful that many people still prefer to go there. However, this title is far from reality. But in the rainy season, debris flow section or quite many, to pay attention to safety, there are two sections are the most dangerous: nature danger wheat, only in the rainy season is more dangerous, usually good; There is another one is the ninety-nine turn of yala mountain. It is very dangerous to go down here. You should be very careful.

The question of spare medicine

Headache powder can effectively inhibit the symptoms of headache, so it is strongly recommended to carry with you for emergency use. In addition, commonly used cold, fire, external use, diarrhea and other drugs need to bring. The medicine that prevents altitude reaction has rhodiola, glucose to wait, individual feeling glucose should take a bit more, rhodiola I did not use feeling to be able to do not need. Altitude sickness mainly depends on self-adaptation, and drugs can only play an auxiliary role.

About the mudslide

The sichuan-tibet line is a frequent section of mudslide, but it won’t happen as long as it doesn’t rain. Therefore, it’s better to avoid the rainy season to avoid delay the journey. It’s better to carry some dry food and drinking water on the way. Qingzang line is open, flat and stable in geology all the way, generally there will be no landslide debris flow. Qingzang line is the safest road among the six routes into Tibet, and the majority of cyclists can be assured to pass.

So want to travel friends must read these in detail, perhaps to prevent the occurrence of some accidents!