After doing these 12 things, you really know how to travel

Maybe every trip

It’s an exclusive memory for you

Those beautiful moments

Precipitation, fermentation and diffusion occur over time

Finally leave a scent for the soul

Traveling is a kind of learning

Refuse to go through the motions

You need a quiet mind

Have done the following 12 things

I really know travel

In zhoushan, visit dongji island to experience the primitive characteristics of fishermen

From the first impression of setting foot on dongji island, the blue sea, the blue sky, the fresh air, the absolute silence…

Here, you can swim, sea fishing, watching the sea, watching the sunrise, watching the sunset, more can be a local, a few days fishing yard indifferent life.

In gulangyu, lost in the alley

Gulangyu has row upon row of buildings, which are set off in the tropical trees. Make a beautiful picture.

Walking in countless names, deep and lonely alley, see scattered colorful roof, see mottled walls, see rusty doors, you will not know the next corner, what is another world.

Ride the “forest train” in alishan

To alishan must not miss is to sit on the train of alishan forest railway, gorgeous cherry blossom and the forest of the green green green interweave into a piece of splendid, like wearing gorgeous dress, make a person infatuation.

It was an amazing experience for the little train to ride in the clouds when the clouds were coming and the fog was coming.

In qinghai lake, take a ride around the lake

Qinghai lake ushered in the most beautiful season, the golden yellow rape flowers, fragrance overflowing, as if a careless painter on the blue canvas overturned a large bottle of golden paint.

It was bluer than the ocean, bluer than the ocean, bluer than the sky, bluer than the sky.

In the song island, listen to the sound of snow

A crystal white, river bank fog lingering, people in one of them, into wonderland.

Light gives color, wind gives sound, and nature works together to make this audible painting.

Sit on a swaying awning boat in wuzhen

Wuzhen always has a kind of gloomy feeling of sadness. The sunshine here cannot penetrate into every corner, but the distribution of light and shadow at random appears real.

Wuzhen has the unique charm of jiangnan water township, washing lead after the quiet, such as a bowl of hangzhou white chrysanthemum tea, warm run qingya, refreshing.

In yangshuo, take a bamboo raft tour of the li river

“Guilin landscape is the best in the world, while yangshuo landscape is the best in guilin” shows that yangshuo is an excellent paradise on earth.

In yangshuo, I took a boat with a leaf and floated into an ancient scroll. It flowed with the water and was misty with smoke. I would rather be a spectator than a painter.

In xilingol, to a prairie appointment

“The sky is green, the wild is boundless, the wind blows the grass low to see cattle and sheep” from that moment on, the heart has emerged to xilingol prairie infinite longing and yearning.

Get away from the bustling city, let the magnificent grassland expand the mind, and then taste the delicious local food, such a life is unforgettable.

In nyingchi, witness the romance of peach blossom

Into the beautiful nyingchi area, all the way into your vision, is a picturesque landscape. Steep mountains are densely covered with ancient pines and cypresses, with large areas of peach blossoms interspersed among them.

This is the most correct way to open nyingchi, is also the most heroic way to pamper Tibet.

Ride a camel in dunhuang and walk along the silk road

Camel bells tinkling in the half – dark sky light, long to distant desert.

Listen to camel bell on sand hill, more profound, long, it seems to penetrate space and time, bring people into the vast history.

Listen to the legend of kanas lake water monster in altay, xinjiang

Kanas lake is composed of many “bays”, and there is not a short distance between the bays. It is this kind of indefiniteness and inseparability that makes kanas lake mysterious and atmospheric, making it both pure and free from vulgarity and bright and clever.

From the hillside to the top of the change of color: yellow, orange, green yellow, light green, black green, snow mountain white clouds set off a colorful dream.

In chengdu, look for hot food and laid-back days

Come to chengdu by two “bliss” cannot be missed. One is the most luxurious leisure in the busy 21st century. This city has a sense of leisure and gentleness all the time.

The second is to challenge the taste buds of bliss, the most chengdu taste whether you can eat spicy have a try.

A lot of things are like travel

When you make a decision and take the first step

The hardest part is already done

Hope you understand travel

Also understand life