Do you believe that there is really a secret land of peach blossoms in this world? That is Tibet nyingchi!

One step closer to spring

Looking forward to the peach blossom beautiful scenery

Meet pink romance

Peach blossoms in nyingchi

Peach blossom forest on the plateau

Field long crisscross crisscross paths

Stay in the wild peach blossom world

Maybe you don’t like peach blossoms

But the peach blossoms against the blue sky and snowy mountains

Too many words are pale

Late march every year

Photographers will gather in nyingchi to wait

Once a beautiful picture of peach blossom nyingchi

It’s in the national geographic collection

The peach trees in the plateau are flourishing

I have seen peach trees in jiangnan

You will prefer the wild nyingchi

The vast Brahmaputra river bank

Pink peach blossoms in full bloom

Dotted with green barley

Canruoyunxia’s ground is blooming

Nanyang river gongbu jiangda’s mother river

All seasons show the most graceful gesture

The blue and green of the niyang river

Become the best peach blossom ornament

There are no snowy mountains in south China

There are no peach blossoms in Switzerland

Only Tibet nyingchi

The snowy mountains set off the peach blossoms

This is the land of peach blossoms

Looking forward to plateau nyingchi peach blossom in full bloom

Only to meet the most beautiful peach garden