If life doesn’t try,

You never know how brave you are,

In life, there is only one brave attempt.

To break through the shackles

Tibet is such a place.

Potala palace is a holy temple of god, known as one of the world’s top ten earth buildings, more than 10 meters high tower, the outside is covered by gold, nearly 300 tons of gold plus 250,000 gems, is simply a gold mountain!

Walk in the golden and resplendent buddhist temple, the spirit tower, the sleeping palace, between the corridor, the light is dim, the window drapery hangs low, the smell of butter everywhere, the whole seems to fall into a gloomy and ancient dream, and can’t help but get lost in those scriptures, Buddha, murals and distant legends.

Dazzling palace wall layer after layer of towering, blue sky, gilt roof, black jing dang, all kinds of bright and solemn combination.

Faith and strength can be seen in the resplence of potala palace. Broad essence, purify the soul, wash the heart of trouble and sorrow!

I want to go to Tibet in the future.

Make a plan!

Have you ever been to potala palace?

Tibet is beautiful, beautiful only need a glance, you will fall in love with this such as heaven.

Tibet is a large, continuous snow-capped mountains and gobi mountains, in this land is just the tip of the iceberg.

When you pass through mountain passes, cross mountains, cross rivers and stand in front of potala palace, you will know what you have experienced.

Looking up at the blue sky in the sun, see the white clouds, a person in a daze is satisfied.

Ramble barkhor street, ramble jokhang temple, that one pious worship Buddha prostrated long head of the believers, is more than you long for distant people.

Go to namtso, a sacred lake, and feel the coolness of the water from your fingertips.

Go to the sheep lake and see the colorful scenery winding like coral.

Go to mount Everest, feeling the magic of the world, human smallness.

To tashilhunpo temple, walk in the quiet path to listen to the voice of the Buddha twittering.

Go under the glacier and feel the coolness and purity passed down from ancient times.

Go to the ancient temple, looking for the beautiful fairy tale under the setting sun.

When people think of Tibet, they usually think of the yaks on the snowy plateau, the splendid temples and the singing and dancing tibetans.

In fact, this so-called roof of the world land also exceptionally rich in natural landscape, such as the world’s highest mountain Everest, the world’s first grand canyon yarlung zangbo grand canyon…

The yarlung zangbo grand canyon contains four rare waterfalls, some of which fall from 30 to 50 meters.

The valley has 9 vertical natural zones, from alpine snow and ice to tropical rain forest in the low valley, bringing together a variety of biological resources.

It breaks through the mountain barrier between the qinghai-tibet plateau and the Indian Ocean, and continuously transports moisture into the plateau, making the southeast of the qinghai-tibet plateau a green world and the south of Tibet.

Set against the backdrop of snow-capped glaciers and lush, pristine forests, the yarlung zangbo grand canyon is shrouded in clouds and fogs.

From trickling streams and cascading waterfalls to surging rivers, the grand canyon is full of water.

From the mountains of the rainforest to the snow-capped mountains that rise into the sky, the experience of the grand canyon’s mountains is breathtaking.