You said you were going to Tibet

He said he would go to Tibet, too

Ask others if they have been to Tibet or are planning to go there

These years have not been to xizang are embarrassed to say to others that he is a love of travel

Speaking of Tibet, it is very reasonable to have been there or not

Ask again, go to Tibet exactly see what, most people begin to hesitate

If more specific, where are the attractions and what are the allusions

That you still go home oneself check baidu

Very few can answer you

When you’re at a loss, this article is just the answer

Tibet is known as the roof of the world, the so-called roof is of course the home of countless snow mountains. Therefore, to Tibet most want to see is also the first to see countless snow mountains.


Known as the third pole of the earth, the crown on the roof of the world. Located on the border between China and Nepal, it means the third goddess in Tibetan.

Just because of the name of the top of the world, countless people come here every year. The unpredictable banner clouds on the top of the mountain and the spectacular sunshine in the morning are all rare beauty in the world.


Tibetan legend is clearly a brave soldier, but it happened that the good samaritans call him ashamed female peak. Maybe it’s just because of the beautiful face.

Ranked by national geographic magazine as the top of the 10 most beautiful mountains in China, this huge snow-capped mountain is spectacular in every way on a clear day, no less than Mount Qomolangma.


The mountain perfectly illustrates the old Chinese saying: if the mountain is not high, there will be a spirit. In Tibet and even in many eastern religions, Kangrinboqe is the synonym of faith and the holy land of mecca.

Like a great pyramid of mountains, although not too high but appear particularly majestic. The constant pilgrimages down the mountain add to Mr Grinboqe’s only hint of mystery.

Of course, the snow mountains in Tibet are far more than these three, such as namnani opposite Kangrinboqe, sapu sacred mountain in nagqu biru county, nianqing tanggula next to namtso and so on, are all very famous snow mountains.

See the glacier

Glacier, should be the most beautiful form of water in this world, pure crystal light blue world, just like the kingdom in the fairy tale. As the world’s closest to the sky of the qinghai-tibet plateau, glaciers are certainly commonplace and ubiquitous. Is the world’s very rare continental glaciers and Marine glaciers and other glaciers in the same area at the same time.

40 glacier

40 glacier is named after border pillar 40 on the border of China and Nepal, but its original name is less known.

It is the only stunning glacier in China that can be reached directly by wheel. Into the glacier after the ice tallinn, and cracks, moraine lake, a line of miles. Pure light blue glacier crystal clear, complete a fairy tale world.

Midui Glacier

Midui Glacier is a Marine Glacier with well-developed glaciers and fast flow speed. What’s special about the Glacier is that it is surrounded by lush forests instead of stony wasteland.

The pure blue Glacier is directly embedded into the deep green forest, and the huge and tall snow-capped mountains behind it make Midui Glacier extremely magnificent and enchanting.

Shuang Hu Pu Luo Gangri glacie

Shuang Hu Pu Luo Gangri glacie stands like a huge water tower in the double lakes of nagqu. Covering an area of more than 400 square kilometers, it is the largest glacier known on the earth after the north and south poles.

There are tall ice forests and deep blue crevasses inside the glacier. From a distance, you can feel its huge body and shocking visual effects.

Due to the large number of snow mountains in Tibet, there are numerous glaciers of various types and shapes, such as karola glacier in jiangzi county, trudeng nima glacier in xigaze, laigu glacier in baju, and numerous undiscovered glaciers in bomi, the so-called land of glaciers.