Is there such a place

Whether you’ve been there or not

Still at the top of mind

No matter how many times I’ve been there

I still miss my time there

Still willing to go again

New xinjiang

Xinjiang can definitely be called a place that people have been to for the first time, the second time and the third time.

Not to xinjiang, I don’t know how big China is, nor do I know how beautiful China really is.

And xinjiang cuisine is three days and three nights can not say, unique geographical environment created a unique cuisine, anyway, many do not visit the birthplace, really can not eat.

Once see not over of xinjiang, once eat not enough of xinjiang, no matter how many times have been, or repeatedly yearning.


If you had to choose a place to enjoy quiet time, Dali would be the choice of many people.

Blue sky and white clouds, wind, snow and moon, leisurely and easy, you are free, all want, seem to have here.

Leaning on the mountain and listening to the sea, no matter the clear sky or dark clouds, the breeze is roaming, who will meet at the next corner.

Meet all your imagination of Dali, just live a few days, how can?


Eating hot pot and watching the night scenery are some of the reasons why many people choose to set out for chongqing, a magical mountain city with so many attractions.

Nothing can’t be solved by a meal of hot pot. If not, go to chongqing and eat it. When I want to eat hot pot, I want to go to chongqing again.

Chongqing’s night scenery is never tired of, whether it is the starry night scenery of the city, or in the hongya hole met the reality of “spirited away”, people miss not.

And the city shrouded in fog, the transportation from heaven to earth, the city architecture with a strong three-dimensional sense… No matter how many times you have been to chongqing, the magic 4D always gives you a different surprise.


Speaking of Lhasa, there is always something to do with faith. Anyway, I feel that I must go there once in my life.

Whether you are longing for potala palace, want to bask in the sun in front of jokhang temple, or look at the Tibetan people in barkhor street, you can be the reason to go to Lhasa.

Now, Lhasa is not only a place for people to go again and again, but also a place for people to make pilgrimages in various ways, whether cycling, walking or running.

Whether Lhasa is beautiful or not everyone has his own opinion, but the people there are beautiful, and the dreams related there are beautiful.


If there is any place that makes people want to go when they hear its name, suzhou should be one of them.

Walk into gusu city, every street, every deep lane, are full of jiangnan unique small jasper, exquisite and delicate, as the ancients wrote, “when you see gusu, others do pillow river.”

Suzhou always gives people an impression of quiet elegance, and even the life slowed down is so delicate. Walking slowly in the streets of the old city, looking at the row upon row of white walls with blue tiles, the sense of nostalgia comes naturally.

After seeing suzhou, envy the people who live here, so poetic dwelling, how beautiful, there is much yearning.

Hong Kong

Shopping paradise, food city, these labels are enough to make people yearn for Hong Kong, and then remember.

Buy buy buy is definitely one of the reasons people can not refuse Hong Kong, as long as to go to Hong Kong, is bound to be a shopping.

And for foodies, Hong Kong’s cuisine is even more irresistible, with a dizzying variety of food, a trip around the world.


Many people yearn for xiamen, more because of the small fresh scenery and lazy tone, xiamen has these, but not everyone can experience.

Xiamen play is a kind of emotional appeal, in fact, this is not too much. If holding a clocking heart, the real xiamen nature is very difficult to encounter.

Let go of your purpose and don’t expect anything, even if it’s just sitting around for an afternoon. Slowing down is the best experience in xiamen.

Later, miss is not the scenery of xiamen, but that a period of sprightly life, so always think when, can go back.


Before I went to Taiwan, I was longing for this island. It can be said that there is a romantic and paranoid dream in everyone’s heart related to Taiwan. Those young romantic fantasies are all related to Taiwan.

Here, from the city to the countryside, from the mountains to the sea, from the valleys to the lakes, each place has its own unique flavor, which is worth savoring.

Enjoy Taipei, taste tainan, taste kaohsiung, stroll kenting, have been to Taiwan, all is miss.


A city that comes and doesn’t want to go, a place where time slows down. Such chengdu is attractive enough to visit.

In this leisurely city, rather than busy visiting the scenic spots outside the city, enjoy life in a leisurely, leisurely pace of life, is the most correct way to open chengdu.

Tired, thinking of the days in chengdu, the heart can not help but soft a lot, and this place, can be their habitat ah.

The food in chengdu is the culprit that makes people linger and forget to leave. It is not easy to enter sichuan. Anyway, it is not wrong.