Whether you have been to Tibet or not, you must know that Jokhang Temple exists. Here is the tourists will be sure to clock in the scenic area, and for the pilgrims, it is possible to come to worship here. Jokhang Temple is the spiritual sustenance of Tibet. Some say it is the most sacred place in Tibet. If potala palace is the political center of Tibet, then Jokhang Temple is the symbol of culture. It is the holy place of worshippers’ hearts and the final destination of their faith. What exactly is it about Jokhang Temple that attracts so many visitors?

Jokhang Temple, meaning ‘chueh kang’ in Tibetan, means buddhist Temple. It was built by songtsan gambo in the 21st year of zhenguan of tang dynasty. At the beginning, the scale was not as large as it is now. Only after the reconstruction and expansion of yuan, Ming and qing dynasties, did it form the Jokhang Temple we see today. Jokhang Temple center is surrounded by the sakyamuni Temple, and the outer wall is called “ba kuo”. The architecture here is a fusion of han and Tibetan styles and a representative of the mutual integration of national cultures. There are 103 wooden sphinx statues underneath the main hall and traditional Tibetan murals inside. Here is the historical accumulation and inheritance of Tibetan culture. In Jokhang Temple, you can see the primitive and simple Tibetan culture with ethnic characteristics. Believers always kneel in front of the Buddha statue of sakyamuni, bowing their heads and leaving their most devout faith in their hearts. Their kowtowing left traces on the green stone tablets, and became more devout and precious after years of baptism.

At the Jokhang Temple in the early morning, the quiet bajiao street is sparsely populated by people, not many tourists, but the faithful are already turning and bowing their heads. When you quietly walk in the street with yellow halo of lights, watching one by one Tibetan devotedly around the Jokhang Temple, leisurely step by step on the blue flagstones in front of the Jokhang Temple.

The people who come here to worship rarely have groups, generally a person silently holding the buddhist beads, gently turning the tube, accompanied by a small pot of light, to complete their hearts of pilgrimage. Can not easily change their devotion, pilgrims on their way in the morning or late at night I’ve ever seen, I’ve seen regardless of rain or snow, step a proffering flaming with people on the pilgrimage, walked thousands of miles to reach here pilgrimage person I ever met, I don’t know is what kind of strength, to make their beliefs so firmly, only there is respect, to respect their beliefs.

When a prayer tube is turned, it represents a prayer, prostrating in front of Jokhang Temple. Each time of kowtow is to pray for a good and happy life, for yourself as well as for others. All day long smoke curl, incense burning, is the best home to return to, such a scene even if there is no religious belief people will be moved. When watching the pilgrims passing by, walking towards the holy land in their hearts, they always feel that they have left a piece of peace.

In the Jokhang Temple in the evening, the wind blows gently and there is a slight coolness. The streets are quiet, the tourists are few and far between, but the pilgrims who have crossed thousands of miles may have only just arrived. They followed the dust of the night, followed the cool wind, and worshiped with their burning hearts without any distractions. I think a large part of the significance of Jokhang Temple is that it finds a place for the pilgrim’s soul, where the pilgrim can place his faith. For them, Jokhang Temple is a road that leads to a lifetime and a white head.

I often wonder what makes Jokhang Temple different from other temples and why it has become an important symbol of Tibetan culture. This is because it is really rich cultural accumulation, there are the most authentic Tibetan things, but also the Tibetan Buddhism belief of sakyamuni. Come to Tibet and come to Jokhang Temple. It may not carry your emotions like the faith of pilgrims, but it can shock your soul and give you a sense of peace.