A couple’s outing is often a wonderful thing. Enjoying different scenery and learning about local culture and customs together can make the relationship warm up quickly. Today, small make up to recommend a few places.

Potala palace, jokhang temple, jokhang temple, barkhor street

It is recommended to visit for 1-2 days

Go to Tibet, potala palace is the first place to clock, where the blue sky is like brocade, there is no impurity, the blue intoxicant. Then can go to the big jokhang temple, barkhor street around, in Lhasa city, very close, taxi also only ten dollars, here is more local characteristics of some toys, you can turn, eat local beef and mutton, butter tea and other characteristics of food.

Namtso measures

One day is recommended

Namtso is an absolute must go place. The scenery between sea and sky makes you forget all the worldly troubles. Clear visible bottom of the lake, cold tentacles, people feel as if in wonderland.

Of course, you can rent it in scenic spots for 50 yuan each. However, it is a little dirty. You don’t need to buy oxygen on the way.

Get a bright colored dress or a bright red scarf ahead of time and shoot yourself until you feel good. Attention, the local tibetans will set up a photo spot for yaks by the lake. If you want to take a picture, give 20 pieces.


It is recommended to visit for 1-2 days

The average altitude of nyingchi in the sacred land is 3000 meters to nyingchi, after nyingchi, generally feel a lot more relaxed, not as tired as high altitude areas, regional scenery is more prominent, to nyingchi must remember to take good umbrella raincoat and thick clothes, the weather is changing at any time.

And must not miss the local characteristics of pork and shi pan chicken, pure shi pan braised chicken, simply delicious.

Yarlung zangbu grand canyon

After eating and drinking enough, it is time to enjoy the yarlung zangbo grand canyon. It is the world’s deepest and longest river gorge with a very high altitude. The elevation difference reaches 6000 meters, forming a very magnificent landscape. Nine qu 18 turns, pentium flowing water waves ileum, here is the sign of linzhi, is not one of the attractions to miss.

Nnamjagbarwa mountain

Located at the intersection of the Himalayas, nyenching tangula and hengduan mountains, gebawa peak is the highest mountain in nyingchi, Tibet, China. While watching the yarlung zangbo grand canyon, there is an excellent viewing platform at the top of the mountain, but there are a lot of people, you have to queue patiently. If the weather is good and you’re lucky, you can see the peak of namjbarwa in the sunshine.

If you are a person who does not take the ordinary road, can also go to Everest base camp, ali area, motuo county, zhangmu port, shannan area, but remember to do a good border certificate in advance.

After the visit, go straight home from nyingchi mirin airport to finish the wonderful trip.