Western sichuan secret territory, countless people yearning for heaven.

Whether it’s daocheng yading, the soul of shangri-la, Gonggar snow mountain, the king of the mountains, or xindu bridge, the paradise of photographers, the beauty is breathtaking.

Kangding, the city of love songs, is famous for its “love songs of kangding”. However, what you don’t know is that kangding occupies most of the beautiful scenery in western sichuan.

The snow-capped mountains here are towering, and the sunshine of the golden hill is so brilliant that you will remember it for the rest of your life.

The lake here, like a tear from god, is blue and intoxicating.

The temple here, the Buddha light shines, has “the small jokhang temple” the name.

This unique landscape, China’s largest red stone park, bright and dazzling.

The beauty of kangding is even described by premier zhu rongji as “overseas immortal mountains, penglai holy land”.

Kangding is a romantic old city with a long history

Tianguang yunying extreme integration of mountains and seas intersection of the excellent scenery the essence of nature is the essence of your dream is a place not to be disturbed xanadu!

As long as there is light, this is wonderland!

Xindu bridge is known as “a photographer’s paradise”. As long as there is light, it is a perfect landscape painting.

Magical light, rolling hills, green grasslands, scattered Tibetan villages, the western sichuan plain beautiful blooming scenery, this is the xindu bridge.

As long as there are mountains, here is the holy land!

Gonggar snow mountain

Gonggar snow mountain is the main peak of hengduan mountain, and is known as the king of shu mountain.

The most beautiful part of Gonggar snow mountain is the golden hill of sunshine. The sun shines on the mountain and the golden color is magnificent, like the Buddha shining down, which makes people have the impulse to worship.

The pure, clean and pollution-free air, Gonggar snow mountain’s night sky is charming, and the starry sky is within reach.


Zheduoshan is the first mountain pass to be crossed on the sichuan-tibet railway. Known as the first pass of kangba mountain, Zheduoshan is like a beautiful and refreshing girl, charming and charming at first sight.

Zheduoshan is well known. The mountain roads are famous for many twists and turns. The locals have a saying saying that Zheduoshan road is devious. Misty clouds and misty mountains, snowy mountains and duoshan are like a mysterious wonderland. No one can wait to know the scenery behind the mountains.

As long as there is water, this is the yao pool!


Mugecuo is one of the largest alpine lakes in the northwest of sichuan.

Surrounded by high mountains, Mugecuo looks like many stars and moons, guarding its sparkling baoyu. Clouds and clouds rising from the lake look like magic.


Gongbucuo is one side of haizi, and behind you is Gonggar snow mountain.

Smooth as a mirror of the water reflected gongga golden mountain scenery, as if a painting, beautiful people can not speak.

Spring beach

Spring beach pools of various sizes are formed from chemically rich Spring water that settles on the surface.

Color pool around the water and grass dependent, stone flowers point, as if the nine days of jade pool landing on earth.

There is still a piece of green grass hidden here! Tagong grassland is gently undulating, rich in water and grass, and its vibrant color is like a thick blanket of green covering the earth. The high altitude of 3,000-4,000m makes the summer here cool and comfortable.

Herds of cattle and sheep, vast world, the desert “wind blowing grass to see cattle and sheep” scenery like a picture scroll in front of you.

There’s a red rock canyon!

As the world’s only red stone canyon, ya jia terrier red stone beach scenery, red stone like a ribbon dotted in the mountains.

There are also famous temples hidden here!

TaGong Temple is located in TaGong grassland, known as “little jokhang Temple”. The Temple is exquisite and magnificent.

TaGong Temple is one of the super holy places of Tibetan people in kangba and every year, grand buddhist activities are held.