I don’t know when

Dreams are out of reach

I don’t know when

Travel became a luxury

I don’t know when

The beauty of western sichuan lives in my heart

I don’t know when

Seda is not in the picture

But into the heart

I want to go to the pure land

Look at you with faith

I don’t know when

Xindu bridge lives in the bottom of my heart

This is the paradise of photographers and the world of light and shadow.

Wander through the sea of lavender and purple

Singing the most romantic songs

I don’t know when

Daocheng yading lived in the heart

Hike to the top

Look at the blue and green lake

Reflection of the most beautiful you

I don’t know when

Yaqing temple lived in the bottom of my heart

The houses here are built around the river

Row upon row of red

Every evening and early morning

The river is clothed with gold

Chanting along with the sound

Let the mind be empty

I don’t know when

Cuoca lake lives in the bottom of my heart

Its crystal clear water is so calm

Kaleidoscopic collection of blue sky, white clouds, temples, green mountains, green trees

I don’t know when

Jiuzhaigou lived in the heart

An earthquake happened two years ago

Is the explosion of a thunder in western sichuan

What was once a beautiful place was full of ruins

And it’s coming back

Enter the eye or fairyland

I don’t know when

Hai luo ditch lived in the bottom of my heart

Walk in the glacier rainforest trail

The scenery is fascinating

Red rock beach, glacier, green mountains and water

Make it poetic

I don’t know when

A house hides the stockade to live into the bottom of the heart

Known as the “most beautiful village in China” reputation

Beautiful appearance, north facing south, strewn at random have send

The whole village by twos and threes

Some are far from the group of buildings, independent

I don’t know when

Mosca lived in the heart

It is in the arms of three sacred mountains

Set snow mountain forest riverside grassland as one

People isolated, life is full of poetry

Sichuan west in the heart

But that’s not all

If you come to west sichuan

You’ll love it here