Here you can enjoy the sea of clouds by day and the stars by night, as well as the vast virgin forest and the spectacular snow-capped mountains…

Summer here is like Pandora in avatar…

Winter here is like the fairy town in frozen…

There are so many surprises!! So here, where exactly? A lot of people think of niubei mountain, it’s really close to niubei mountain… But, for today, it’s called Sirentong mountain.

Sirentong mountain, an unknown place, is just across from niubei mountain, China’s largest viewing platform, located in luding county, ganzizhou, sichuan province, at an elevation of 3,510 meters. It is said that this name has a long history, as early as in the qing dynasty, there were four outlaw men drinking blood to form an alliance, Sirentong mountain heart, seeking to make money together.

Information about sirentong mountain is scattered online, and it is still a virgin land. Most of the visitors are photography teams.

The scenic spot has almost no man-made garbage, more primitive, more plain, can enjoy the most original atmosphere of nature.

From the 360° viewing platform on the top of sirentong mountain, you can have a panoramic view of gongga snow mountain, siguniang mountain and emei mountain. If you are lucky, you can see the spectacular sunrise and sea of clouds from the viewing platform on the top of the mountain.

The face of the cow is bare and easy to walk, but it does not have the feeling of being in the primitive jungle. At Sirentong mountain, on shangshan road, there are patches of primeval forest. You can see the brilliant river of stars.

Summer: Sirentong mountain

Sirentong mountain in summer is like the plant kingdom and animal world, like Pandora in the movie avatar.

At Sirentong mountain, on shangshan road, there are patches of primeval forest. Small wild animals will occur, including red pandas, deer, squirrels, pheasants and so on.

Wild flowers are everywhere in summer, especially in the large areas of alpine azalea forests.

See the stars in the snow, the moon is silent, the stars spread all over the canvas, let you trance on the “polar express” to Norway not to see the aurora and see the stars.

All things by the sky light moonlight, in the night, covered with a layer of dim soft brilliance.

Winter: Sirentong mountain

Sirentong mountain in winter is like a fairy tale town of Hans Christian Andersen in northern Europe. You are in the snow country. The cabin in the snow is like a fairy tale town in Finland, which is romantic and beautiful.

You can see the scenery on niubei mountain, Sirentong mountain, and the scenery on the road is more than the road on niubei mountain, especially the snow in winter is really spectacular.

This snowy world is like ice and snow! Along the way, the ice hanging, various shapes, myriad changes, people marvel at the great creation of the creator!

Passersby were shocked by this scene, have stopped to stay, or hold their heads high praise, or take photos nostalgia.

Because Sirentong mountain is located in the shady slope, the vegetation on the mountain is very rich and lush, so the way up the mountain is also very difficult and dangerous.

The grass and trees root in the snow, the chariot moves forward in the snow, the trace of the wheel leads to the unknown direction, magical, mysterious, breathtaking, exciting, let a person infatuated with yearning.

The side in hazy snow mist thin film horizontal oblique, simple, desolate and independent, from a beautiful Chinese ink landscape painting.

A vast expanse of whiteness, can not distinguish the clouds in the fog, can not distinguish the day night dawn

One day: Sirentong mountain

Sunrise and sunset, yunjuanyunshu, Sirentong mountain day, full of colorful colors, myriad changes just at the beginning, the horizon began to turn red, from a line, gradually spread out the luster.

Heaven and earth gradually clear, the mountains appear.

The sun magic, the sun is soft, hit people’s faces, immediately warm.

The sun reddened the sea of clouds.

Feeling touched by the temperature, the sea of clouds churned quickly.

The sun was high, the mist was sinking from the mountains, and the sky was blue again.

Looking out from the campsite at Sirentong mountain, it is a vast and surging scene.

At Sirentong mountain, there’s always an observation deck worth waiting for the snow to clear…

You inadvertently, gongga snow mountain will occasionally appear

Deep in the sea of clouds, looming, is the legendary niubei mountain, people love to stand on niubei mountain to see the scenery, and I, on Sirentong mountain to see niubei mountain.

At sunset, see the changes in the situation, the glow

When the sky is dark and the sun shines on the mountains. Feel the heat of the sun can shine into the chest, warm and shock

The peaks are hidden in clouds that float between them. Between the somersault, has been unaware of the distinction between heaven and earth.

The moon rises, the mountains gather the sun’s rays, the sun and the moon shine, magnificent!