You take the money, I take you, let’s take a say go travel, small make up today to take you to walk around the small and delicate ring in western sichuan.

Said we have to focus the western sichuan small circle of two places, one is the color of the buddhist, the other is a DaoChengYa, these two places is people yearning place, first of all we said this five Ming buddhist institute, the color of the buddhist day and night you will have a different feeling, when night falls, then the color of the buddhist we see flashing lights from the city’s streets, dotted with this beautiful town, under the house lights up those dots of lights, like the stars, very beautiful. Far to see, dim lights, is simply a fairyland scenery.

When you go back in the daytime, along the road, you can see a lot of red buildings, layer by layer, dense, very spectacular. On the road, the lamas are always reading scripture in their mouths and walking devoutly all the way. Perhaps you will also see the worshippers kneeling down all the way, feeling their body radiating the most sincere faith.

Another place is daocheng yading. Daocheng yading, known as “the last pure land on the watery blue planet”, is a paradise for photography lovers. Aden scenic area not only has the magnificent sacred snow mountain, but also has the vast meadow, the colorful forest and the clear blue sea. Everything here is a gift of nature; mani stones, meandering streams, fragrant meadows and trees. In the broad grassland of the alpine park, there are luxuriant grasses. For travelers, we should slow down and enjoy the beauty of nature.

These two places are the key place of this small loop, not good-looking, only the most good-looking!

West sichuan small loop route interpretation

Day 1: chengdu – yingxiu – lixian – miaro – guanyin bridge

Day 2: guanyin bridge – seda – lu huo

Day 3: lu huo – ba mei – ta gong – xindu qiao – ya jiang

Day 4: yajiang — litang — haizi mountain — daocheng — shangri-la town

Day 5: one-day tour of daocheng yading scenic area — daocheng county

Day 6: daocheng – rabbit hill – litang – xindu bridge

Day 7: xindu bridge — polymountain — kangding — luding bridge — ya ‘an — chengdu