In the hot summer, it is the best time to escape the congestion and heat of the city and relax. At this time, western sichuan and Gannan are the best choices for you.

Western sichuan- Scenic Spot of Daocheng Yading

This is the last piece of pure land on the watery blue planet, surrounded by rivers, lakes and alpine meadows. Its scenery maintains a purity that is almost extinct on earth. Due to its unique landform and original natural scenery, it is praised as “the soul of shangri-la” and “the last shangri-la”, and it is a paradise for photography lovers.

Gannan – zhagana

Gorgeous incomparable, green mountains and water, blue sky and white clouds, every corner is the most beautiful landscape painting, this is the legendary “last peach garden.”

Western sichuan – Sertar County

There are thousands of tiny wooden houses that line the hillsides like ant nests. At first glance, each house seemed to be of a similar color and structure, stacked one on top of another, covered from the valley floor to the ridge. This is known as the world’s largest buddhist college – serta larong five Ming buddhist college.

Gannan – Labrang derived

It is one of the six major monasteries of the gelug sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Here is the longest corridor.

Western sichuan – Litang grassland

Look at the endless sea of flowers. At the height of summer the grasslands of western sichuan are ablaze with flowers. Under the unique blue sky and white clouds in the plateau, people seem to be closer to nature!

Gannan- Flower Lake Flower Lake

It is a natural haizi on the grassland of gerdam. There are three adjacent haizi on the geer dam, the smallest is called choulajian, the largest is called haqiu lake, and huahu is one of them. The best time is June, July, August and September. The middle of July is when the flowers are at their peak. Walk along the boardwalk by the lake and you can walk to the middle of the wetland. Flower lake is the most complete conservation of biodiversity wetlands, a wide variety of flora and fauna, if lucky, can also see endangered species of black-necked crane here.

Western sichuan – Jiuzhaigou Valley

Enjoy the reputation of “Jiuzhaigou return don’t see water”, summer Jiuzhaigou Valley, the flowers are warmly, very beautiful flowers; Rich in color, under the sunlight, different angles and locations have different colors, quite magical.

Gannan – Dayugou

It is a picturesque place, like a fairyland on earth, with steep cliffs, thick trees, clear running water and pools in every ditch. It is a pure and beautiful xanadu, a good place to escape the heat in summer.

Western sichuan – Danba sect village

Ranked as the most beautiful six ancient villages in China. Jiarong is the most distinctive Tibetan village. In particular, jiaju, neigang, geshiza and bardi villages are the most prominent. Hundreds of residential buildings are integrated into the natural environment in accordance with the mountain, which reflects the concept of harmony between man and nature.

Gannan – yangbu village

Shanzhai’s surrounding fields, rows and rows of pole and patchwork bed board room together constitute the beautiful scenery of the mountain, highlighting the farmers and herdsmen’s unique aesthetic taste and life concept.

Western sichuan – cuoka lake

Known as “the world fairyland, nine days of jade pool.” It is a freshwater lake with a surface area of about 3 square kilometers, which means “emerald”. All said cuoka lake is not very big, but her jasper lake crystal clear, kaleidoscopic collection of blue sky, white clouds, green trees, green mountains, red temple figure, as if the whole world is her arms, a processing, and then released with a more charming attitude, refreshing.

Gannan – Gahai Lake

Gahai Lake, the largest fresh water Lake in Gannan region, is located in the center of grassland. Gahai Lake is also a bird reserve, where many kinds of water birds such as black swan, egret, goose and duck live every summer.

Western sichuan – Luding Bridge

Also known as dadu Bridge, it is a Bridge crossing dadu river in luqiao town, Luding county, ganzi Tibetan autonomous prefecture, sichuan province, China. It is the main landscape relic of the Ludwig Bridge scenic spot.

Gannan – yeliguan

Ancient China pass name, place name, located in the south of gansu province lintan county, ancient China is an important gateway into Tibetan areas, Tibetan areas and gansu area tea horse trade important passage.

Western sichuan has its own unique beauty

Gannan has the purity and beauty of heaven

Anyway, what do you personally think if you have extra time