If I hadn’t been here, it would be hard for me to describe other places in sichuan like this:

There are mountains in the distance, water washed under the blue sky, the lake shimmering, wide flat grass, sheep grazing leisurely.

They say, this is little Switzerland in western sichuan.

They say this is the most popular web celebrity clocking place in sichuan in summer.

“We will go to the lake of the prairie and wait for the migratory birds to come back. When we are all grown up, we will give birth to a baby.”

Just as miyazaki hayao’s cartoons are based on the real world, the scenery in the lyrics is best restored here.

If it’s only for a weekend, you might as well come here and live a life of arcadia.

Yele lake

The most “unpopular” web celebrity clocking place

July and September are the best time to travel Yele lake.

The 2,600-meter high mountain lake has long enjoyed a reputation among travelers, but compared with the surrounding scenic spots, it is rarely visited.

From chengdu to Yele lake, the first sight is the mountains. Located in liangshan prefecture in the depths of the mountains where yi compatriots live, its geographical location and climate give it a more unique charm. Smoke curled up, thousands of miles away.

Then a sharp turn, a large lake suddenly burst into view, bright blue Yele lake, shining in the sun.

Yele lake may be different from Yele lake, this time we are going to the dark side of the lake.

More inaccessible, but also a quieter landscape.

The lake is vast and light. From the sky overlooking the blue lake, walk to the bottom of the crystal clear.

No one lives in the distant village, in the reflection of the water, add a mysterious and primitive.

Sometimes, after a long time in the steel and cement cities, it is more necessary to empty in such a primitive mountain dwelling secret.

The scenery is exciting enough, but now there is another reason to come here.

Have you ever heard of herding a bed? And they did. Build a hotel on the meadow from scratch, without destroying the ecology.

Green stone nomad hotel wants to give you a unique wild and luxurious experience.

I’ve been camping before, and from the difficulty of camping to the discomfort of sleeping, I’ve completely given it up.

But this time staying at the green stone nomad upended my idea of camping. The original top of the camping experience can be so special.

Nomad’s front desk, the most “casual” front desk, should no one object? But this rugged setting was the first step that struck me here.

Cowhide letters, custom bracelets. The butler will put it on your head and say, “put this on and we’ll be a family.” The simplest words, often hiding the most simple feelings.

Then step on the meadow, cross the wooden bridge to the room, and start your nomadic life.

Nomad hotel has two kinds of rooms: big tent and small Indian tent. The rooms are basically the same configuration, with full set of warm equipment. No matter which one you stay in, you will have an excellent wild luxury experience.

1.8m and 1.5m super soft double bed, matched with five-star bedding and bath products, you can also experience the most perfect delicacy in the wilderness.

After a short rest, seeing such a good view, my sister has already started the crazy mode of patting patting:

Bright clothes are best in print. A red dress of beauty, whether sitting on a swing, or overlooking the lake, the United States as the general picture.

There is also a very handsome child, the little sister said to wait for him for 15 years, you? Wait a minute, too

And I still like to open the tent, blowing the wind, outside the tent is a pleasant scenery, listening to the songs in the bluetooth sound system floating in the wilderness.

The best way to experience the scenery is to live in it.

This moment, what do not want to, quietly to enjoy the chic travel can.

Starry night movie, lakeside hot pot, campfire barbecue

The yearning life in the paradise

It is said that adults nowadays don’t have real holidays. Because even if a vacation, also need to deal with the call, WeChat. But what if there’s no signal?

Compared with movie theaters in cities, movies in the wilderness seem a little “down and out.”

A screening cloth, a few couches on the grass, an outdoor movie under the stars, simple but special enough.

When night fell, black embraced the camp. If the days of the nomad were gentle and soothing, now they are romantic and wild.

At the open dream restaurant, greenstone’s team of professional chefs put on a magical show at dinner-time.

A pot of spicy game Tibetan hot pot, a French appetizer full of emotional appeal… It’s all about the chef picking the best local specialties.

It’s amazing to experience such delicacy in the wilderness. Wild and not extravagant, delicate and wonderful.

A group of people picked up their glasses and drank freely. Life requires a sense of ritual. Enjoy the most romantic wilderness party in this mountain lakeside.

The wild belongs to the bonfire carnival at night.

The hotel is ready for you, you name it.

Barbecue, campfire, music, beer… The original stranger, so opened the chatterbox. We talked and became friends.

Until you get tired, go back to your tent and have a nice warm sleep, wake up in the early morning with the sound of insects and horses, such a weekend, I think you should love it.

In this natural plain place, people and scenery, everything in the most primitive way of life.

If you are looking at the phone at the other end of the screen, envy and longing.

Might as well spend 2 days time to come here in person, enjoy the scenery as I do, relax briefly.