In the western part of Sichuan in the winter, some people say that they look at the beauty of the silver wrap. Some people say that the whiteness of the winter is not beautiful at all. There is no autumn smashing. In the winter, the west of Sichuan is a different kind of romance. Don’t believe it!

Daocheng Aden is still romantic even if it snows

Although I missed the fairy tale of Jinqiu with my loved ones.

He can still give you the romance you want.

See how romantic this couple is!

Daocheng Yading, the last Shangri-La

Even if the winter fades, the golden autumn is gorgeous.

The three main lords of the mountain are standing tall

The three holy lakes of different colors are still beautiful

Seda College

The world’s largest Buddhist college

China’s purest city of the sky

White snow embellished more psychedelic

Buddhist college covered with snow

Crimson cabin

Walker passing by

a calm and calm face

Driving on the Sichuan-Tibet line of the most American road in China

a piece of white on both sides of the road

If you meet sunny days

White snow against the blue sky and highway

I am ravaging me thousands of times in winter

I stay in the hot springs like a love

Hot spring at the foot of the glacier

Is the most romantic song of ice and fire

This is the famous Hailuogou Glacier Hot Spring.

Hailuogou Hot Spring at the foot of Gongga Snow Peak

Known as one of the 55 places that must go in life

Soak up the outdoor hot springs to enjoy the snow

Don’t play too much this winter~~

White snow on the mountain pass

The first mountain pass that was read through the Sichuan-Tibet line

It is also the first level of Khampa culture

The mouth under the snow is more attractive

Stepping into a pure white world

Looking far into the sacred snow mountain

Embrace the beauty of western Sichuan

In the winter, I came to Chuanxi for a warm heart.

Experience the beauty of winter and then appreciate the beauty of autumn