I have crossed mountains and seas

Through the sea of people

Everything I ever had

In an instant it all drifted away like smoke

I’ve been disappointed and lost all direction

Until see ordinary is the only answer

Travel, is to learn a long time to embrace: embrace the blue sky, embrace the sea, embrace nature, embrace the most real yourself. Some scenery, if you do not stand on high, you will never realize its charm; Some roads, if you do not start, you will never know how beautiful it is.

It is said that without ali, there is no Tibet, also, ali area is the highest altitude in Tibet, plateau form is one of the most complete geographical units.

Shape like an olive, straight into the sky, magnificent momentum

Known as the king of the sacred mountain

That is Kangrinboqe

The highest freshwater lake in the world

It is a sacred lake recognized by many religions in the world,

It is also one of the most famous lakes in Asia and the whole world

Lake Manasorovar, which means “jasper Lake undefeated forever” in Tibetan

The whole castle is built on a loess slope more than 300 meters high

Steep terrain, caves, pagodas, watchtowers, temples, palaces orderly layout

Bottom – up, according to the hill stacked, directly force the sky, magnificent momentum

These caves are mostly residential and densely packed on hillsides

This is the site of guge

The Toling Monastery is probably best known for its frescoes

There are Buddha, bodhisattva, Buddha mother, king kong and so on

Among them, “monks and vulgarians worship Buddha” and “sixteen vajra dancers” are the best

Smooth and delicate, lifelike and exquisite

Zhadatulin has a large area

Its landform is called river and lake facies geologically

In the light of the sun, the soil forest mountain grain light and shade, vivid and rich

The torin by the river and the ruined pagodas nearby were mysterious and solemn in the twilight

Pangong Tso in the hollow valley

A vast expanse of water glowed blue

In the glare of the sun

The water reflected the surrounding snow-capped mountains and blue sky and white clouds

It’s a beautiful picture

Lake Rakshastal means poisonous black Lake in Tibetan

There is almost no grass around the shore, so it is called “ghost lake”

But the scenery is very beautiful

In the lake there are dark red hills, the color is also very blurred

Gurla mandhata is also known as “goddess peak”.

The majestic snowy peaks rose above the clouds

The rolling mountains embrace the famous “holy Lake” Lake Manasorovar and “ghost Lake” Lake Rakshastal

Mountains and lakes set off each other, dazzling, giving people unlimited reverie

The vast expanse of water is a quiet jasper color

The zigzag lines of the dam extended into the lake

The lake is very big, looking ahead, the lake scenery, time overflow color, very magnificent

Describe the graceful curves of Zhari Namco

The main peak of Xiagang river snow mountain is 6822 meters higher

Plateau unique natural features, cultural landscape

It is surrounded by magical lake dawa, ancient buga temple, rich wildlife resources and original ecological scenery

There is Shishapangma in peguchoo south

In the north is the yarlung zangbo river

Looking at the reflection of the lake, listening to the waves of the big river

Which makes this lake very different from other lakes

Shishapangma the 14th highest in the world

Like a quiet handsome man lying on his back

Mountain wilderness, cattle and sheep leisurely stroll grassland

What a beautiful sight

Bamucuo is a sister lake nestled not far from namtso

Lake while green, while blue, while some blurred

Sometimes in a short period of time can change a variety of colors, quite amazing

A “devil lake of weiguang yingfu” in Siling Co

Like a gem inlaid in the qinghai-tibet plateau, clear, azure

It is so vast and so great that it is striking to behold beauty

Tangra Yumco is the largest sacred lake worshipped by the yongzhong native church

The blue lake reflected the afternoon sun in the breeze

It was beautiful like a saint at the moment

Lying in the silken lake

Zhabuyechaka is called “the western boulder-in-the-sky mirror”

Like a “palette” on the moor

There are square pools

Like a grid of rice paddies, some red, some brown, colorful

Quiet zhiyuan renqing hubu wrong seems to grow into a man

It brings to the wild its greater tension and grandeur

A small raised island in the middle of the lake juts towards the shore

The curved peninsula is its most prominent symbol