Gannan, named as one of the 50 places that must be visited in one’s life by national geographic of China, has the magnificent natural scenery of plateau and colorful cultural history. From chengdu, you can meet the most beautiful scenery of gannan in summer.

Starting from the chengdu plain, after chengguan and duwen expressway, there was no sign of towering mountains and rushing rivers. First came two villages with ethnic characteristics.

Taoping Qiang Village is located in Taoping township, tagunaohe, lixian county.

Taoping Qiang Village is the world’s most complete collection of inhabited watchtowers integrated into residential buildings, enjoying the reputation of “natural air conditioning”. With its perfect underground water network, well-connected passageways and maze architectural art of combining watchtowers, it is praised by Chinese and foreign scholars as “living fossil of qiang architectural art” and “divine Oriental ancient castle”.

Gansu sect village is located in wenzhou to barkam thyme CangQiang cultural corridor (near state road 317) at the center of the location.

It is built beside the mountain and river, hence the name ganbao, which means “village on the slope” in Tibetan. In the whole Tibetan area since ancient times will be ganbao ganbao dome, meaning a hundred households dazhai.

On the way to Sertar, the personality burst out, the weather was good, and the scenery along the way was beautiful

Sertar is located in the northeast of ganzi prefecture, at the intersection of sichuan province, qinghai province and aba prefecture, ganzi prefecture and guoluo prefecture of qinghai province.

It is one of the purest buddhist heaven, between the majestic mountains, blue sky under the sky with white clouds, those with faith to come, stay, and then repair the house is not going to leave the practitioners everywhere.

Sertar’s night is very beautiful, each small monk’s house gives out the faint light, but the collection fills the entire hillside, looked at this flickering lights, can not help but make people have a trance feeling, it seems that everything has faded!

Leaving Sertar to continue the next beautiful scenery, we passed numerous sea of flowers and grasslands on the way, as if the flowers here were only for us to open up, so as to take beautiful photos

Ruoergai flower lake is located on national highway 213 between Ruoergai and langmu temple in gansu province.

This is the sapphire inlaid in the grassland, every year from may to July is the best season to come here, full of sunshine, pure water color, the lake full of flowers, such as into wonderland. The clear blue of the lake has an indescribable purity; Clouds, which are deeply attached to the sky, are magical and charming.

Yellow River First Beach is located in tangke town, Ruoergai county, aba Tibetan and qiang autonomous prefecture, sichuan province.

Limpid river water potential gentle, blue sky and white clouds, green grass and flowers, tent smoke, cattle and sheep horses, hovering eagle, picturesque, myriad, constitute a beautiful picture.

At sunset, when the sun turned red and went down the side of the mountain, the whole valley was covered with a golden color.

The flowers are in full bloom

The beautiful scenery is always there