Sichuan tourism resources developed, especially in western sichuan.

The beauty of western sichuan is both magnificent and graceful. Both congchang, and beautiful amorous.

From a place where “the way of shu is difficult, it is difficult to go to heaven”, sichuan has soared all the way to the “land of plenty” with outstanding people and outstanding people.

If there is no high-speed builders to challenge the “shu road difficult”, I am afraid that west sichuan, will only hide in the boudofaria no one knows.

Wenma high-speed – is such a Tibetan qiang children to bring convenience.

Known by experts as the “cloud sky road” on the western sichuan plateau.

Although so, but, wen ma highway along the beautiful scenery.


The beauty of Bipenggou is not only beautiful but also beautiful.

A green haizi, like jade lost in the world; More snowy mountains towering white, like fairy;

There is a forest promenade to let you rent cotton-padded jacket here in summer, and a hot spring for you to relax.

Autumn’s Bipenggou is beautiful like a fairy tale. Meet snow, white snow with red leaves, cold and hot.

Miyaro zealand-based scenic area

Miyaro scenic area, is a scenic spot of punching time that cannot be missed. Autumn here, the arrival of October, is a red.

Very colorful and colorful. Is the country’s largest area, the best landscape of the red leaf scenic area.

Taoping Qiang Village

Taoping Qiang Village retains its stone architecture. Labyrinth type building, let you go in, non-local guide cannot find north, have “Oriental ancient castle” say.

Taoping Qiang Village is also known as “natural air conditioning”. In summer, we can experience the style of Qiang people. Walking in the Qiang Village near the mountains and by the water is also a unique summer way.

It is said that the pieces of stone and yellow mud used to build houses have a history of more than 2,000 years, but they are durable and not bad. The “qiang flute”, with its intangible cultural heritage, reminds people of “why does the qiang flute complain about the willows and the spring breeze does not pass through the jade gate”.


Liangtaigou is near Bipenggou, an undeveloped place in western sichuan, so it is beautiful, primitive and low-key, with red stones like Liangtaigou, while small in size, the scenery is still stunning.

Go to the mountain stream river to play water, to the forest leaf luxuriant place to look for alpine plants, or with cattle and sheep to field encounter, also very wonderful.

There is no development here. Be careful to fall rocks along the way when you go.

Wolong panda base

To sichuan, of course, you can’t miss the pandas. Travel will be complete only when you go to Wolong panda base and see the cute pandas.