When it comes to the streets of chengdu, the first things that come to mind are chunxi road and jinli road. Chengdu is so big and there are so many old streets with stories.

It is not as good as the following eight street stroll, always can let you harvest to chengdu different impression.


Qintailu both sides are red han and tang archaize buildings, the ground is paved with blue granite, antique.

The intersection of the bronze horse, horse Yang hoof, wheel rolling. It is said that sima xiangru, a famous writer in the han dynasty, had no source of income after eloping with zhuo wenjun, a talented woman.

Sima xiangru is infatuated with playing the zither, zhuo wenjun is dancing with his voice, and the classic love story between sima xiangru and zhuo wenjun is perfectly interpreted here.

Here is a famous jewelry street in chengdu, the sichuan opera house opposite the road “shu feng elegant charm” celebrity gathering, here every day there are big bowls of tea, as well as face changing, fire-breathing performances, is a unique style of an old street in chengdu.

Persimmon lane

Persimmon lane is a small street less than 300 meters in chengdu. Because there is a big Persimmon tree in the lane, it was renamed Persimmon lane in early republic of China.

At the mouth of the alley stands a low-key old imitation of a Nordic mansion, the former wang residence. Although after more than 80 years of wind and frost, but still very flavor.

The alleys were dotted with shops, from modest department stores to elegant curio shops. Firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea and music, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry, hops are here a perfect blend.

Although the persimmon tree in persimmon lane has disappeared, the old buildings and houses in the republic of China are still attracting people’s attention.

Shuwa street

Heat socks street was a famous street in the old days. It has a history of at least three hundred years.

There is an old post office building in the street, which spans the three historical periods of “qing dynasty”, “China” and “people”.

After more than half a century of wind and rain erosion, the roof tile from red to gray black has been not red or black or red and black look, in the old and new alternate years, the heat socks street with its own change to witness the years of legend.

Xiaotong lane

Only one or two blocks away from the wide alley is the small tong alley, which is free from the hustle and bustle of the wide and narrow alley. It is an emerging life landmark for chengdu locals. There are creative small shops, restaurants and bars here, and local and quiet are the main features.

Xiaotong lane when you first see it, there will be a sense of astonishment, this short xiaotong lane, half is the market dwellings, half is fresh small pavilion, very wonderful harmony exists.

Tired of shopping, find a coffee shop to rest, eat a dessert, read a book, experience the “original ecology” of slow life, such a small and fresh style attracted many young people to come.

Paotongshu street

In qingyang district of chengdu, there is a street with an artistic and elegant name, Paotongshu street. If you prefer art, freshness or vintage, this small street will satisfy you.

There is no noise, no noise, always send out a leisurely old chengdu taste, here, you can laissedly bask in the sun, idle to see stream of people, thoroughly feel the life of chengdu.

At Paotongshu street, cafes, bistros, independent clothing stores, teahouses, private cuisine, it’s all set for an artsy eater.

Zhi Ji Street

There is a street beside the wide and narrow alley, less than 500 meters long. Legend in the rocky is the sky weaving woman pad loom stone.

Blue brick wall, asphalt road, ginkgo tree, the rise and fall of this street for a hundred years, witnessed the historical track of chengdu old street experience.

At the end of Zhi Ji Street is chengdu painting academy. During the exhibition period, many famous calligraphers and painters came here, adding a lot of cultural atmosphere to the ancient Street for thousands of years.

After several renovation, Zhi Ji Street is now just a few feet wide. The tea shops along the Street are not flourishing, but there are also many residents enjoying tea in peace. “Steal half a day idle”, zhiji stone street is undoubtedly such a good place.

Yulin road

Zhao lei a song “chengdu”, singing red Yulin road, singing red bistro, Yulin road let you reluctant to part, let you move tears flow is not only good girl, and those who tease taste buds let you confused god fan food.

Yulin is a time-honored food district in chengdu, with everything from the best restaurants to luxury hotpot.

Do not think yulin only string incense, light yulin life square can even eat a month is not the same, and there are so many hot pot shop, eat every day is not greasy!

Almost every shop in the evening in line, go to the late only ke melon seeds, sit to plastic bench etc. Up cough up, so greedy must hurry up early or book in advance.

KuiXinglou street

KuiXinglou street is located near the wide and narrow alley. It is only about 500 meters long, and there are no less than 20 restaurants from the street to the end.

With chengdu’s sugar-sweetened fruits and egg-baked cakes, authentic strings of noodles and chicken soup, ba shi’s chicken claws and neijiang dishes, kuixinglou street is definitely a dark horse in the street of delicacies.

People who eat in KuiXinglou have a taste of their own that they cherish. No matter how much trouble, pick up a chopstick at the moment of all left behind.

This is a food street where literature and art coexist with the market. It has the leisurely attitude of chengdu that day. You who love food should hurry up to go with your friends.

Do you like the unique old street more?