However, I do not know that Xinlong, another daocheng yading, has bypassed Xinlong on the north-south line of sichuan and Tibet, and let Xinlong keep in purdah nobody knows.

This is a unique place, worth visiting.

Grand canyon of yalong river

The Grand canyon of yalong river of “navel of the earth” flows through Xinlong, which is like an ancient tunnel. In the tunnel, mountains and rocks stand in forest and exotic flowers and plants are numerous and attractive to the eyes.

Green river water in the mountains between the narrow roar, people’s hearts thumping. This is the male that comes from nature, odd, danger, handsome, unique.

Kawaroge snow mountain

Kawaroge snow mountain, with an altitude of 5,995 meters, is known as the “god of wealth mountain”, which resembles gold ingot and is highly respected.

Xinlong used to have strong folk customs. Because of its remote location and locked in the mountains, it was necessary to deal with local people.

Some people say that “Xinlong people can not be provoked”, but, can not be provoked, more is tough and masculine character, rather than can not communicate.

They worship iron heroes with bows and arrows.

Civil temple

Xinlong has a Civil temple, behind which is a natural conical blue stone resembling a penis.

When a man comes here to worship, he will inherit the brave and masculine character of Xinlong people. Thus it can be seen that Xinlong’s blood line is gang and strong.

It looks like a painted pica town

When autumn comes, pitchagou matchless gorgeous, like a dream like illusory.

All kinds of colorful forest, red like fire, yellow saijin, are flowing in the golden sunshine, from the bottom of the ditch to the hillside, needle broad-leaved forest mixed, let a person sigh the flowing color, the flowing heaven.

La rima grassland

La rima grassland, where the gods live.

Legend has it that one god was attracted by the grassland of La rima and disobeyed the rules of heaven to linger, settle down and wait for this land.

Herdsmen go out early and return late, dwelling poetically. The river is winding. Yaks are like clouds, chasing water, flowers and grass.

It is said that in La rima, fish are not afraid of people and crows dare to fly to the palm of people’s hands to eat.

So, “La rima heaven.” Visitors rarely to.

Cuoka lake

Cuoka lake is a beautiful woman in Xinlong county, west sichuan.

The lake is ever-changing, dark green, dark green, gold, red, sparkling waves, eyes flow wave.

The temple, with its red brick and white walls, is surrounded by pine trees. It is extremely quiet and quiet, all of which are collected in the lake, which covers an area of 3 square kilometers.

Although the lake is small, it is exquisite. Almost all the visits to Xinlong are for Cuoka lake.

The fish is right under your nose, the beauty here, is to look at, as if being deeply sucked, stunning.

These are just a few of the photos fans have provided. But Cuoka lake is really worth photographing.

Xinlong, with its many secret places and unguarded beauty, is worth exploring.

However, Xinlong, whose road surface is very bad, especially La rima, went to Xinlong to try to avoid rainy days.

It is worth mentioning that mud-rock flow occurred in litang on July 22, located about 5 kilometers below junba in litang county, affecting Xinlong. On July 24, the temporary access road was cleared and it was passable.

Usually go to Cuoka lake:

Chengdu → kangding → xindu bridge → daocheng → yading → litang county →Cuoka lake→Xinlong county → litang → xindu bridge → kangding → chengdu.

The weather is changeable recently, please wait for a while.

Xinlong county to La rima township, carpool 40 yuan/person; Xinlong county to pica township, chartered car round trip 180 yuan.